Apple iOS 10 and 10.1.1 Jailbreak Update

( [email protected] ) Nov 09, 2016 04:39 AM EST
iOS 10.1.1 is now ready for installation while hackers are still working on a iOS 10 jailbreak.
Hackers are working on an iOS 10 jailbreak. Kārlis Dambr/ Wikipedia

It seems that Apple is keeping its lead against hackers and maybe even increasing it. Some owners of Apple devices have received notifications informing them that the iOS 10.1.1 is now ready for installation.  That would keep Apple ahead of the hackers who are still working on an iOS 10 jailbreaking tool.

Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak

Word has come out that Pangu has been able to jailbreak the iOS 10 on an iPhone 6. There is supposed to be a video showing that achievement. The problem is that the crack is yet to be made public so it can be used by others. But Pangu is not alone in claiming that they were successful in jailbreaking the iOS 10.

There is another site that claims they have cracked Apple's iOS 10 though there are limitations to the crack that it is offering. It seems that they were only worked with the 64-bit system. Another downside of their crack is the fact that it requires a lot of link clicking which could lead to potential malware infection.

These jailbreak claims are not going to mean anything until the cracks are released publicly. There have been plenty of jailbreaking claims in the past that were not released in public.

Other Jailbreaks

While Pangu and other hacker teams are the best hopes for a jailbreak for the iOS 10, others are working on it too. A hacker with a Twitter handle name @ijapija00 showed a demo of a successful jailbreak of an iPhone 7 Plus that runs iOS 10.1. The demo was shown on a YouTube video. The lone hacker might have been inspired by Luca Todesco, who is a prolific iOS hacker working alone.

@ijapija00's jailbreak can supposedly work on iOS 10.1.1 as well which, if true, would be a huge development in the history pf jailbreaks.  But there are a lot of skeptics of the jailbreak claim. First, the jailbreak seems to be semi-untethered. Another important reason why others are doubting the jailbreak is because @ijapija00 used a third-party app to unlock the jailbreak access upon rebooting. This is not the usual way for jailbreak demos.

This jailbreak is not going public however. The hacker himself admitted that it would require too much work for him to release a public version on his own.

The Coming of the iOS 10.1.1

Pangu and other hackers should work fast if they want to come out publicly with an iOS 10 jailbreak.  Users may start applying the iOS 10.1.1 update which could render the void the iOS 10 jailbreak useless. 



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