NFL Trade Rumor: Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Could Be Wooed by Denver Broncos

( [email protected] ) Nov 09, 2016 05:20 AM EST
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo might just be plying his trade with the Denver Broncos in the near future, if the latest rumors concerning his trade were to be believed.
With the reported changes targeted by Ron Rivera in their strategies, the talks of seeing a Tony Romo contract take another step towards turning into a reality.

When it comes to playing professional football, there are many choices that one will have to take into consideration. Of course, you must first have the passion and willpower to succeed and do your utmost best wherever you are, and then everything else will fall into place. The fans, the city in which you gain the adoration of the masses, and the paycheck that follows afterwards. Everything would need to jive, including your rapport with the rest of your teammates, but sometimes, you need to move on as well. The reasons are numerous, and there is never enough shortage of NFL trade rumors. The latest word on the grapevine point to the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Tony Romo, who might actually make a move to the Denver Broncos.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has not been in the pink of health for some time now, as he did suffer from a back injury during a preseason game when he went down to the field against the Seattle Seahawks. Needless to say, Romo himself is still on the road to recovery, but thankfully his willpower and determination has allowed him to join in on the practices for a while already, as opposed to remain seated on the bench while cheering the rest of his mates on. Whispers are going around that despite the NFL trade deadline having expired, the Denver Broncos are still interested in signing on Tony Romo as their quarterback.

Denver Broncos and Tony Romo are not the first trade links concerning the athlete, as he has also been connected to a fair number of other trade rumors such as making his way to the New York Jets in the past. That rumor also failed to materialize as November 1st was the deadline for any transfers, but this does not mean that the Denver Broncos will stop their pursuit of Tony Romo.

The Latin Post did make a passing mention that after their loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, the Denver Broncos were found out in their offense as the Raiders made a meal out of that weakness. Perhaps picking up a quarterback of Romo’s calibre could inject a sense of purpose and solidity into their offense. After all, it has been said before: the best defense is a good offense. It does not matter how many points your opponent pick up against you, as long as you outscore them, you would definitely emerge as the winner.

At point of publishing, the Denver Broncos’ offense has amassed a mere 23.8 points (13th) and total yards of 323.3 (28th). Do you think that the Denver Broncos’ only way to salvage this season is by obtaining the services of a decent quarterback, and even so, the question is, will Tony Romo be the person who will be able to fill up this brief and do so with aplomb? All in all, it will take some time before such a move can materialize as the transfer deadline has already expired, and we fans will simply have to adopt a wait and see stance.

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