Who is Donald Trump's Daughter? Ivanka Trump, Her Husband and Kids (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Account)

( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2016 01:44 PM EST
Ivanka Trump, who is the daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, has led a pretty glitzy life. Find out more about her husband and kids today.
Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump’s triumph in the recently concluded US presidential election has certainly sent shockwaves through the rest of the world -- and certainly additional spotlight will be shone in his family’s direction, including that of his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Born on October 30, 1981, the 35-year-old daughter from Donald Trump’s first marriage to Ivana Trump, is also known as Ivanka Marie Yael Trump.

Born and bred in Manhattan, New York City, Ivanka has worn a fair number of hats in her illustrious life to date: that of being an athlete, a model, and of course, a socialite. Being able to handle both English and French fluently with a smattering of Czech, Ivanka is not only armed with smarts, she is also a beauty to behold. Her marriage to real estate developer Jared Kushner has yielded three children: 5-year old daughter Arabella Rose Kushner, 3-year old son Joseph Frederick Kushner, and the latest addition to her family this year, Theodore James Kushner. Of course, her beautiful family nearly did not materialize earlier as they broke up in 2008 after Kushner's parents objected to their relationship. Thankfully, the power of love did the job and was the glue that held them together to walk down the aisle, having married in a Jewish ceremony on October 25, 2009 and subsequently, building a family together as you can see above.

Being a convert to Judaism, Ivanka has managed to observe a kosher diet and obviously, keeping the Sabbath as well. This means plenty of family time from Friday evening and all through Saturday, which in her own words, is “an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.” It is encouraging to hear such words from a woman who seemingly has it all, and yet looks to remain grounded despite all the trappings of wealth and glamor surrounding her. Ivana sends her daughter Arabella to Jewish kindergarten in New York City, while her other two children are still frolicking around at home.

Ivana's husband, Jared Corey Kushner, is also of the same age as his beautiful wife, albeit being a few months older as he was born on January 10, 1981. Jared is the principal owner of the real estate holding and development company known as Kushner Properties, in addition to another newspaper publishing company that many would know: the New York Observer. He was born into the world of business, being the son of American real estate developer Charles Kushner, and obviously played a pivotal role in his father-in-law's presidential campaign by being the brains behind Trump's digital media campaign.

It will be interesting to see how Ivanka's family life with Jared Kushner and the children will pan out in the next four years with her father being the proverbial "most powerful man in the world."

If you would like to follow Ivanka Trump on social media in order to obtain the latest updates and information, she can be reached on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, as well as her very own website that deals with three things which are close to her heart: fashion, family and lifestyle.

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