Netflix's The Crown Season 2 Air Date, and Season 1 Recap: Why It’s a Must to Watch Season 1 to Understand Elizabeth’s Rise to Power

( [email protected] ) Nov 14, 2016 01:29 PM EST
After The Crown's Season 1 success, the much awaited sequel has been confirmed by Netflix.
The Crown is set to debut on Netflix this November 4th in the US as well as in the UK. Netflix

After The Crown's Season 1 success, the much awaited sequel has been confirmed by Netflix. However, to fans' dismay, they would have to wait for its launch by late 2017. Although no air date has been confirmed just yet, Netflix has hinted that it will be launched between fall and winter of 2017. As others speculate, it most probably will be in November.

Although Season 2 will also have Claire Foy playing Queen Elizabeth, and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, Season 3 will have them replaced by a new cast. This is a shock for many fans who found both Foy and Smith fitted perfectly for their roles.

Season 2 is set to show 60 episodes that will showcase Queen Elizabeth's royal journey beyond 1956, which includes important points in history such as after Winston Churchill's waging war against the Axis forces. This was a period when the Queen's presence became even more influential.

As can be remembered, Season 1 ended with Elizabeth, then 25 years old, being crowned as the Queen of England.

The Crown was launched on Netflix on November 4, 2016. The series was created by Director Stephen Daldry and Screenwriter Peter Morgan. It was also produced with Left Bank Pictures in cooperation with Sony Pictures Television.

The series is based on a play entitled "The Audience," penned by Peter Morgan. Morgan was said to be inspired by Queen Elizabeth's regular meetings with the Prime Minister which happened every week, without fail, for 60 years. The story also covered Elizabeth and her family's historical highlights from 1947 to 1956.

The Crown Season 1 gained raving reviews despite it being quite short at 10 episodes with one hour each. With an already powerful screenplay, the series also had a big production budget behind it estimated to be at $125 million. As of date, it is the most expensive TV series budget in history.

Many fans commend Foy's maturity in the role, saying that she was able to deliver Elizabeth's transition from a nervous and coy teenager, to someone with sophistication and the strength to ascend the throne. Foy's role as Queen Elizabeth shows her diversity as an actress, given that she previously played as Anne Boleyn in the series Wolf Hall. Foy's performance has also been compared with Helen Mirren, who once played the role of Queen Elizabeth and won an Oscar for it.

Other cast members are also commended, especially Jared Harris who critics say fared way better than Colin Firth on his The King's Speech George VI role. Harris did a defining performance when he provided a backdrop of ironies against Prince Phillip's serious role.

Smith, playing as Prince Philip, surprised the audience with his often coy yet authoritative depiction of the Prince. Smith also had the works of a prince-turned-king, with his looks, build, and gentlemanly disposition.

One of the highlights of The Crown Season 1 is on its depiction of Elizabeth and Philip's royal wedding. While originally the wedding took place at Westminster Abbey, the series had it staged at Ely Cathedral.