PS4 Pro Review: What People Are Saying

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2016 04:20 AM EST
The PS4 Pro has a lot to offer to gamers.
The PS4 Pro is an improvement from the PS4. Evan-Amos/ Wikipedia

The PS4 Pro is supposed to be a more powerful version of the PS4. It's a definite improvement, but the main question in the mind of fans now is if it's worth it.

PS4 Pro Features

The PS4 Pro can display video games on big screens at times four the resolution that one can get from a normal PS4. On top of that, it also boasts of more powerful graphics and an even more powerful processor. That means higher frame rates and gaming that's so much smoother. The console is also supporting (HDR) or high dynamic range, which can offer a wider range of variation in color.  It also offers more detail around black.

But there are a lot of things that would have an effect for you to get the full experience of this console. The first thing is you must get games that have 4K HDR.  One such game is Uncharted Four: A Thief's End. The higher resolution in the games makes for very stunning visuals. Another good example of a game that can benefit from the improve visuals would be NBA 2K games. Players can see the individual faces of the players. Watch Dogs 2 is another game that players should try to experience the amazing graphics of PS4 Pro.

Aside from having the right game, a player would also need a 4K TV that has HDR or high dynamic range. When you have that, you can get billions of color variations there. Features like rocks can have realistic features when you have those.

Sony Entertainment has announced that around 30 games will have the enhancement offered by PS4 Pro. It is expected that the number of games that has the enhancement would go up to 45 by the end of 2016.

By next year all first-party games of Sony would have PS4 Pro enhancement.  But third party game developers can also take advantage of the enhancements for upcoming games and use on previous games as well.

But players should not expect the improvements to be the same with all the games. Some developers might choose only specific scenes in the games. Other developers might just choose to improve the frame rate rather than improve the actual image quality. Even if players have a regular PS4 console they could still experience enhancements. If they use 4K TV, then they can experience the HDR effect even if they don't upgrade the console. 



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