Dishonored 2 Review: What To Expect

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style="display: none" Dishonored 2 is an improvement of the first installment in the game franchise.
Dishonored 2 is one of the best stealth games ever. Arkane Studios/ Wikipedia

Dishonored 2 is one of the best stealth games to have been released in recent years. The action in Dishonored, which was released in 2012, started when Empress Jessamine Kaldwin was murdered. Her bodyguard Corvo Attano was accused of the crime. The game was centered around Corvo's attempt to have his name cleared and to have Emily, the daughter of the Empress, crowned.

Fifteen years later, Corvo and Emily are falsely accused of a series of murder. That also marks the arrival of a woman who claims to be the older half-sister of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. She claims the throne for herself and that's how the action starts for Dishonored 2.

Though Dishonored 2 is a sequel and it echoes the first game in many ways, it is very inventive that it can standout on its own and so players wouldn't mind the fact that the story seems cyclical.

The biggest difference that players would notice right away is the option to play as Corvo or as Emily. The truth is that there is very little difference on how the two characters are played, but their stories are so different as well as their powers that players are sure to play the game again just to experience both options.

Game Powers

Corvo has the same powers as those from the first games, except for a few upgrades. Of course, Emily's powers are totally new, which is why players would be excited to try her out. Her powers do mirror Corvo's power without feeling repetitive.

Emily has a teleport power known as Far Reach, which has a very elegant piece of animation. Her Mesmerize tool allows her to sneak past opponents. She can also create a Doppelganger. These various powers can be combined. Using the powers in combination can give a satisfying effect as you watch enemies killing each other in confusion.

But the most visually impressive of all the   Dishonored 2 powers must be Emily's Shadow Walk. This power allows her to transform into a gigantic smoke creature that walks across the floor to sneak into tight spaces allowing her to creep up on enemies.

The game is set in the coastal city of Karnaca. It doesn't offer the full other-world experience like other games, but it is getting close to it. Compared with the first Dishonored game, this one is a lot more immersive. You can see the complexity and the details of Karnaca when you start playing.



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