Porsche Mission E: All Electric Car Could Be A Reality

( [email protected] ) Nov 30, 2016 09:13 AM EST
Porsche is well known for their high performance sports cars over the years, and it looks like they are going to expand their stable of rides with an all electric car with the code nae Mission E.

When you mention the name Porsche, it would normally be in the same breath as that of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic sports car makes. However, it seems that the German automobile manufacturer is working on a different segment in its product line -- by rolling out an all electric vehicle that is known as the Mission E with a target of 2020 being the latest that the Mission E will hit the market. Look out Tesla, it looks like you might be getting some pretty serious competition, and from a thoroughbred, no less.

The Mission E by Porsche will be its maiden effort at a first all electric vehicle, and Porsche has lofty ambitions for the Mission E to boot. This Volkswagen subsidiary intends to move approximately 20,000 Mission Es per year, at least this is what a report by German news site Automobilwoche published not too long ago.

In order to make sure that every effort is strained towards making the Mission E a reality, Porsche did reveal in July earlier this year that they intend to hire another 1,400 people so that the Mission E will end up in showrooms and hopefully, garages of ordinary folk who want something cool that does not pollute the environment too. The 1,400 head count in the Reuters report is markedly higher compared to a previous statement that Porsche would be expanding their payroll by another 1,000 workers.

The Mission E was originally paraded to the masses as a concept vehicle over at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in September last year. As we all know, concept cars are no guarantee that it will eventually end up as the real deal. When the Porsche Mission E was revealed in 2015, it laid claim to boasting of a range of more than 250 miles, and of course, with it, a fair number of other kinds of technologies that will make driving all the more pleasurable -- and safe, of course, without sacrificing on the adrenaline pumping factor.

No official mention has been made on the kind of features that will make its way into the Mission E production model, but the concept that was displayed in 2015 did deliver a sneak peek of sorts as to what the production Mission E will come with.

The possible features that might eventually make their way to the Mission E could be an advanced lithium-ion battery that powers it, being located in the underbody of the vehicle as it extends across the entire length of the vehicle. Not only does this mean you get more charge due to a larger battery, the weight of the vehicle will be equally distributed as well for a greater degree of balance.

There might be Inductive charging technology thrown into the mix to do away with wired charging, making it power up just fine sans any cables as you park your Mission E over a charging base plate in a garage and let the charging process kick off automatically. Of course, you can also fall back on cable charging with a conventional charging station. One thing good would about the Mission E would be the ability to power up to 80% in a mere 15 minutes, now how about that? A full charge ought to be able to deliver up to 310 miles of range which is pretty cool. Well, let us wait for the an official statement from Porsche concerning the Mission E to know all about it -- for real.

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