Chip and Joanna Gaines: Benham Brothers Urge Christians to Rally Around 'Fixer Upper' Stars Amid Attacks from Radical Left

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Chip and Joanna Gaines are the latest HGTV stars to come under fire from the radical left for their Christian faith - but they're not the first.
Chip and Joanna Gaines star in the popular HGTV show "Fixer Upper" HGTV

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the latest HGTV stars to come under fire from the radical left for their Christian faith - but they're not the first.

The Waco, Texas couple recently came under scrutiny after Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed published articles revealing that their pastor, Jimmy Seibert, once preached a sermon in which he called homosexuality a "sin" and urged Christians not to adopt the Supreme Court's redefinition of marriage.

"Given the diversity of Fixer Upper's audience, this is a startling revelation that has left many wondering where Chip and Jo stand," the Cosmopolitan article reads, in part. "Seibert - who recently referred to the couple as 'dear friends' - has made unfounded and dangerous claims during one of his sermons."

For twin brothers Jason and David Benham, the controversy surrounding the Gaines is all too familiar. In 2014, the real estate entrepreneurs were set to host their own show on HGTV called "Flip It Forward". However, after their Biblical views regarding opposition and homosexuality were made known, HGTV was pressured into cancelling the show before it could air.

"David and I also know what the phone call that Chip and Joanna probably received from HGTV is the same as what we received," Jason Benham told The Blaze's Dana Loesch on Wednesday. "I remember when (HGTV) called us and said 'guys, man we are getting pushed, and we're getting hammered by these groups.' And I know that's exactly what's happening right now.

Like the Benham brothers, the Gaines are not shy about their faith and how it impacts every aspect of their lives. And, as they experience backlash from the radical left, the Benham brothers are encouraging Christians to rally around them.

"David and I, by God's grace were able to say 'look, we're going to stand for what's true and what's right,'" said Jason. "And the Gaines will too. They just need support from the Christian community."

"HGTV will not fire them. I'm confident of that," added David. "The Gaines will not bend to this garbage pressure that's coming from this thought mafia that's forcing them to bow."

Benham Brothers - David and Jason Benham
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David and Jason Benham spoke to The Gospel Herald in an interview held at the annual NRB convention held in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 24, 2016. (The Gospel Herald)

In a 2015 interview with The Gospel Herald, the Benham brothers said that the silencing of believers is an age-old tactic used by the devil.

"This spiritual battle has taken place since the beginning of time, but we're watching it manifest more clearly now than we have ever seen before in America," David told GH. "The truth of God is what sets people free--Satan knows this; the powers of darkness understand this. The best plan of attack is to silence the truth. If you can silence Christian belief, if you can demonize it and make it look like it's hate filled rhetoric--which it's not--then you win the day. Jesus loves all people, but he does not love all ideas."

Christians also shouldn't be surprised when they experience persecution for their beliefs- in fact, in Matthew 10:22, Jesus says, "You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

"We've got the funny notion as Christians today that people are supposed to be attracted to us," Jason said. "But that's not in the Bible. There WILL be people that are attracted to us, but by and large, most people will be turned off--not because of our ways, but oftentimes, because of our words...We've got to understand as Christians going into this thing, we're here to be reverent, not have to concern ourselves with relevance."

Added David: "Christians must be unashamed, not afraid to pay the price, and to live for Jesus, whatever the cost, and that's what will dispel the darkness. But until we get back to that in the church, there will be no cultural win here."

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