Syrian War Update: Talks For Peace Amidst War Must Push Through, Stresses EU Chief

( [email protected] ) Dec 05, 2016 09:04 AM EST
Peace talks must continue to focus on the direction and future of Syria, according to the EU Foreign Policy chief to map out long-term solutions for the region.
A fighter from the Free Syrian Army's Al Rahman legion walks past damaged buildings in the rebel held Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, Syria September 6, 2016. Picture taken September 6, 2016. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh Photo: Bassam Khabieh / REUTERS

Despite the ongoing war between government and rebel troops in Aleppo, the European Union is pushing for talks to continue as a way to pave for long-term solutions in the war-torn territory.

Still wanting to keep hopes up for the beleaguered civilians in eastern Aleppo after regime forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad are beating down hard on rebel forces controlling the area, EU foreign policy minister Federica Mogherini is pushing for the continuance of talks despite the ongoing Syrian war.

According to the Middle East Monitor, Mogherini spoke before a top-level meeting in Rome Saturday. She encouraged international and regional leaders to help think out plans and directions for the future of Syria.

"Maybe it is time to sound the ground with the regional powers and also with international players on what kind of future Syria could have even in the moment when the fight still is going on in Aleppo and elsewhere. Many conflicts have found political solutions, negotiated solutions even during the fighting," Mogherini said during the discussion titled "Rome 2016 Mediterranean Dialogues: Beyond turmoil, a positive agenda".

Mogherini said that the world should not ignore the plight of Syria, particularly Aleppo which has been razed to the ground with civilians dying in the crossfire between rival forces. She also said that it is the duty and responsibility of every individual to view things from a humanitarian standpoint and call for a stop to the Syrian war.

Millions of civilians have already been displaced by the war and have fled to neighboring territories to seek refuge. Syria has been in a state of civil war for the past five years and the United Nations has already expressed fears that the war could result to more civilian victims - including the children, women and the elderly.

Food is becoming a scarce necessity rather than a commodity for those left within the war-torn territories, as humanitarian aid seems to trickle down in slow progress to famished civilians hiding in shelters and bunks to elude bullets and explosions.

Airstrikes and shelling continue to continue to occur and more buildings are being razed to the ground. Civilians take every available chance they can during short gaps of silence to flee from the battle-ravaged areas. The ongoing Syrian ware is causing thousands to scamper around and head on to neighboring areas with families most often torn apart by the chaos resulting from droves of people seeking refuge.

The United Nations is sending out humanitarian aid to the Middle East to help monitor and support humanitarian causes and efforts being undertaken in the embattled areas.

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