Samsung Gear Smartwatches Are Better Lookers With New Features And Bands

( [email protected] ) Dec 08, 2016 09:18 AM EST
Why not make your Samsung Gear smartwatch look all the more attractive with the introduction of new bands and incorporation of new features?
The Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch. Samsung

We have received word that Pebble, the smartwatch manufacturer that made waves all those years ago by gaining first mover advantage in the smartwatch market, is all set to close down after being acquired by Fitbit. Well, this does not mean that the smartwatch industry is in its death throes. The likes of Apple and Samsung, and even Huawei, will surely continue to plod on in this department of mobile and wearable technology. Whether it is a good thing or not, that remains to be seen, but smartwatches have proven themselves to be rather resilient, carving out a niche that is different from that of traditional timepieces -- regardless of the luxury level. Samsung’s collection of Gear smartwatches have been pretty impressive to date, with each successive model being more and more capable in terms of performance and definitely accompanied by future forward design. In fact, it seems that customers are not content with just a customizable watch face, but would also like to see the inclusion of new bands and features thrown into the mix from time to time. Samsung has definitely heard their cry, which is why the South Korean conglomerate has stepped forward to make its collection of Gear smartwatches all the more attractive by introducing a new collection of bands as well as features.

In the latest software update, Samsung Gear S2 owners will be able to rejoice since they no longer have to remain in the shadow of their Gear S3 friends, as all of the Gear S3’s popular features have now arrived on the Gear S2. See? This is ample proof that you need not have the latest and greatest always just to enjoy the very best in terms of features, as a little bit of patience can also go a long way.

What’s new for the Samsung Gear S2?
Basically, if you are a Samsung Gear S2 owner who has always wondered whether you should make the upgrade to the Gear S3 because of its functionality and software features, now is the time to ditch that idea. The latest Value Pack update will ensure that a boatload of the Gear S3’s features will be making its way to the Gear S2 as well, where among them include the hugely popular pre-loaded watch faces, Reminders and Alt-Barometer apps, as well as Handwriting Mode that comes in handy so that users are able to sketch out words as well as emoji on-the-fly, as opposed to typing or dictating them down.

Not only that, the Value Pack update will also throw in expanded S Health functionality when it comes to physical activities such as running, walking, cycling, and other exercises. The bezel of the Gear S2 has also received a better range of functionality, letting you receive calls, keeping alarms quiet, and to schedule events.

I own a Gear S3, what’s in it for me?
If you happen to be rocking to the latest Samsung Gear S3, fret not. There is also a little bit of something for you, including a more attractive range of designer bands to pick from in order to match your day’s wardrobe. SLG Design and Strap Studios have come together to work alongside Samsung. The result? Over 20 new straps that your Gear S3 can rock to, including hand-sewn leather to carbon fiber and canvas material. Depending on your choice and taste, the new straps will start from $29 and go all the way to 109, catering to the classic or Frontier S3.

You will also be able to access Galaxy Apps store’s diverse number of games, such as Stack and Monster Vampire to keep you entertained on the move. With over 100 titles to choose from, you are certainly spoiled for choice! What do you think of the latest Value Pack update from Samsung? So far, those who have downloaded and installed it have had nothing but good things to say, so you can be sure that no major glitches are there. At least, until now, touch wood!

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