Urban Outfitters Is Now Selling $100 'Designer' Drones: Are They Worth It?

( [email protected] ) Dec 09, 2016 05:03 PM EST
Urban Outfitters is now joining the drone bandwagon with its customized hipster 'designer' drones selling at $100 each (and when on sale, at $59.99).
Urban Outfitters' 'designer' drones. Value Walk.

Urban Outfitters is now joining the drone bandwagon with its customized hipster 'designer' drones selling at $100 each (and when on sale, at $59.99).

Designed by TRNDlabs, the 'designer' drones feature the standard throw-and-shoot capability where the round spaceship-like device can fly, shoot photos and videos, and be manned by a remote controller. Flight time is around 20 minutes each time, and each drone is equipped with a two-megapixel camera. These drones are available in three color variations: blue, green and marble.

TRNDlabs Founder and CEO Gerard Nieuwenhuis says there is a justification with these expensive drones: "You will find that (our drone) has a better camera, longer battery life, flies more stable, comes in a fancy box that is perfectly giftable vs a flimsy box to keep things cheap, and easy-to-understand user guide instead of a 'Chinglish' leaflet..." However, Nieuwenhuis also admits that the company is now developing a cheaper-packaged drone to lower the price.

TRNDlabs, as the name implies, is "an international lifestyle brand that creates and manufactures stylish gadgets and fashionable tech." This very much explains why there is much favor on aesthetics even on the drone's packaging.

Nieuwenhuis adds, "Putting a color/design on a phone case, pair or earbuds, speaker and loads of non-tech goods (especially clothing), while delivering a quality product at a higher price seems to be widely accepted, but perhaps not (yet) for drones? Guess someone has to move first and take the heat."

Drones of the same size and capacity usually sell for an average of $28 when bought on online retail. The 'designer' drones being sold by Urban Outfitters are therefore a far outcry from the norm.

Some who have made the purchase are happy with the drones, saying, "Very good drone, camera is good enough for this price and because it is so light, you really learn to fly with this little guy!" Another says, "The flying is intuitive and smooth... This is the coolest, most fun I have had in ages. Well done TRNDlabs!"

However, some find the expensive drones ridiculous, with other purchasers saying the drone is "way too overpriced for what you get." Another disappointed customer says, "As usual the customer has to take the brunt of poor manufacture and brilliant salesmanship."

TRNDlabs is the only manufacturer of drones for Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is a US-based multinational clothing company with products geared for "bohemian, hipster, ironically humorous, kitschy, retro and vintage" style lovers.