Pokémon GO Generation 2 Updates: Valentine's Day 2017 to See Release of More Pokémon

( [email protected] ) Jan 31, 2017 10:14 PM EST
This Valentine's Day might be extra special as you and your loved one enjoy Pokémon GO, as we have good standing to believe that more Generation 2 Pokémon will be revealed.
It seems that there will be a Valentine's Day update for Pokémon GO that will see more Generation 2 Pokémon being made available for trainers. Niantic Labs

Are you still enjoying Pokemon GO? While the mobile game itself has started to decline in its popularity, there are still millions of Pokemon GO gamers around. Even more so when you take the official release of Pokemon GO in South Korea just earlier this month after a half year delay compared to the rest of the world. One aspect of this game that helps to keep gamers interested would be the fact that there are new Pokemon to catch all the time with subsequent updates, but the Generation 2 Pokemons have been rather limited in supply, no thanks to the egg-hatching process that needs to be undertaken. Well, it seems that there is a Valentine’s Day update that is being prepared for Pokemon GO gamers, and diving into the code changes for the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day update points to more Generation 2 Pokemon to make their long awaited debut!

This new wave of Generation 2 Pokemon would certainly be more than welcome, as it will not only change the dynamics of the game, it will also help keep the entire game fresh. So far, holidays in the US -- especially some of the more major ones, have seen an in-game event accompany Pokemon GO. Hence, it would not be surprising to hear that there is a Valentine’s Day update for Pokemon GO this coming February 14th.

Niantic has so far provided in-game events for Pokemon GO when it came to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, not to mention Halloween as well. All of the past releases do build up a level of excitement for Valentine’s Day that is happening this February 14th, as well as Easter Day that will happen in April. Easter is of special significance, since you can more or less bet your bottom dollar that there will be a large batch of Pokemon Eggs that will be the main talking time.

In fact, an anonymous source claims to have insider information concerning the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day update. Since Valentine’s Day revolves around love, we might see some Pokemon that are created with Friendship appear as well. For instance, Eevee is able to evolve into various Pokemon based on the particular Generation game in which the user plays at the moment. Should Gen 2 Pokemon be made available, then we should be able to gain access to Espeon and Umbreon. Back in the day of Pokemon Gold or Silver, Eevee’s Friendship level would have to arrive at a selected point before the evolution begins.

Apart from that, there has been another rumor going around based on the latest Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter that points to more appearances of Gen 2 Pokemon appearing. Whether these new Gen 2 Pokemon will be available through hatching or being caught in the wild remains to be seen, although we would prefer the latter. Pichu and Togepi were the two Pokemon that could be caught only via eggs in the past, and have featured in the Newsletter. It would be interesting to see how the Johto region Pokemon will fare in the upcoming Pokemon GO update.

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