Alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Image Leaked, Arrives With 3.5mm Audio Jack

( [email protected] ) Feb 08, 2017 04:35 PM EST
There does not seem to be a Home button any more in the latest leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Is this just a rumor or the real deal?
What you see here is a purported leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which maintains the presence of the 3.5mm audio jack but ditches the Home button. Android Headlines

Samsung knows that they have a lot riding on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is their next generation flagship smartphone that intends to bring the smartphone experience to a whole new level. You can be sure that the Galaxy S8 is going to be very different from the Galaxy S7, and for sure Samsung would have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that there will be no more exploding battery fiasco that followed with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The latest leak concerning the Galaxy S8 involves an image that showcases the bottom half of the handset from the front, letting the masses have a peek at what it would look like -- assuming it is the real deal, of course.

Android Headlines claims that reliable sources have confirmed that this leaked image is the actual Galaxy S8, but as we all know, rumors remain rumors until they have been confirmed on an official basis by Samsung themselves. What can we know about the Galaxy S8 through this leaked image? Here are some things to think over.

In the newest leaked image, it does point to the idea of a front glass panel being used in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not only that, whispers of the 5.7-inch display being curved on the edges also do seem to be a reality, since there is very little to look at in terms of side bezels. As for the bezel that ends up at the bottom of the Galaxy S8, this seems to be rather minimal as well. This places it to be in line with older leaks that do seem to point to a similar pattern where the top bezels are concerned. A potent combination of glass and metal seems to be the main theme of the Galaxy S8, where the bottom will also see the old faithful 3.5mm audio jack being part of the setup.

In order to keep up with the times, this particular image also points to the presence of a Type-C USB port which will be used when it comes to charging and data transfer purposes, located right next to the 3.5mm audio jack. At the right of it lies a bottom speaker, in addition to a pair of different antenna lines.

I do know that Samsung is a South Korean brand and manufactures many of its handsets in China, but the leaked image also points to a screen that has Chinese characters on it. Perhaps it is undergoing testing over there, but I would certainly take this particular rumor of a leaked image with a pinch of salt. Who knows? It might very well be an upcoming Xiaomi device that intends to pass itself off as a Galaxy S8 killer. After all, the bottom firing speaker and USB Type-C connection design has already been seen in existing Xiaomi devices. Knowing how Xiaomi has upped the ante in terms of luxury design in its handsets, it would not be surprising to see a curved display with minimal bezels in a new flagship.

We will most probably have to wait until March 29 for a possible Galaxy S8 official announcement in New York, with a rumored release date of April 21 in the US.

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