iPhone 8 Release Date Slated for 2017 Q3; Announcements, Rumored Specs and Price Update

( [email protected] ) Feb 20, 2017 10:34 PM EST
The latest word on the street points to the iPhone 8 being released in Q3 2017 which will not be surprising at all.
The image here is more of a doctored one than an actual iPhone 8 leak, so take it with a grain of salt. iPhone8Look

The iPhone 8 is bound to create waves in the news, for two very simple reasons. First, it is going to be the latest iPhone to hit the market, and secondly, this marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which would mean any new model that rolls out would have to be extra special in order to commemorate the event. Hence, here are the latest rumors and news on what the upcoming iPhone 8 will be like, and from what we do know, it will be released somewhere in Q3 2017.

So far, it has been three years of sporting a similar design, so the iPhone 8 will most probably see a whole new kind of chassis hit the market. Chances are, it will be physically very different from its predecessors, bringing along with it additional alterations underneath the hood in order to have it offer a performance level that is unparalleled to date.

Three iPhone 8 models with prices rumored
Word has it that there will be three variants of the new iPhone 8 -- namely the iPhone 8 itself, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8 Pro. The latter is touted to be the iPhone with the largest display to date, while the iPhone 8 Pro is also widely tipped to feature a whole lot of crossovers with the company’s iPad Pro family, including cramming in an OLED display and Apple Pen support. You can be sure that the iPhone 8 Pro is not going to come cheap then if all of the rumors turn out to be true for a very simple reason -- the iPad Pro itself resides on the high end side of the market, and hence, the iPhone 8 Pro would most probably cost north of $1,000 at the bare minimum. The iPhone 8 and its variants are expected to cost more than its predecessor, with approximately $1,000 all the way to $1,599 which would not be surprising at all.

Innovation in the iPhone 8
You can be sure that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be filled to the brim with innovation, and having a new display technology would certainly be on the cards. Chances are Apple will be implementing curved OLED panels on at least one of its iPhone 8 variants -- and this will be something that Samsung would not be too happy, since Samsung were first out of the blocks to do so with their Galaxy S series of devices.

Expect Apple to go ahead with new imaging technology in the iPhone 8, and we ought to see vast improvements made to its dual lens camera. Apple knows that imaging quality and camera performance is something that smartphone users look forward to, and they would most probably not want to disappoint their legions of fans out there.

The iPhone 8 will also look different in design, and hopefully it will be a design that will be agreeable with the masses. However, we do think that even the lousiest design that Apple comes up with will not have too negative an effect on its sales figures.

There might not be a Home button on the iPhone 8 as well, which would make it the first iPhone to do so. Perhaps this is because they would like to do something that is really, really special in order to mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary in the market.

iPhone 8 release date
History has shown that Apple has always launched its iPhones within the final quarter of each year, which would be late Q3 or in early Q4, making it available in time for the holiday season. Hence, it would not be a surprise to see the iPhone 8 roll out in Q3 2017.

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