Princess Leia Set For Star Wars: Episode IX Appearance Without Any CGI

( [email protected] ) Apr 12, 2017 09:29 AM EDT
The late Carrie Fisher is set to appear in Star Wars: Episode IX using existing footage sans CGI
Carrie Fisher is all set to appear in the final movie of the third trilogy of Star Wars. Her appearance will not be enhanced by CGI in any way as existing footage will be used. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What do you think of Disney’s very first take on the Star Wars Episode IV prequel? It certainly had plenty of heart, that is for sure, and to see CGI characters of Moff Tarkin and a young Princess Leia shoehorned into the movie itself was rather disturbing in a sense. Well, now that the late Carrie Fisher is no longer around to continue filming for Star Wars episodes VIII and IX, what is Disney going to do about the situation?

We do know that Carrie Fisher’s scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII have already been filmed, or so that is the word which is being circulated in the circuit. However, it might seem that whatever those scenes were, they were actually composed of whatever footage that remained from existing shoots -- as opposed to a computer generated form. We supposed that would be one of the best ways to remember Carrie Fisher, in view of her untimely passing at the end of 2016.

New York Daily News did carry out an interview with Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, and in the interview, it was mentioned that he and Carrie’s daughter, Billie Lourd, did give Disney the rights to use whatever existing footage of the late actress. Todd Fisher shared, “Both of us were like, ‘Yes, how do you take her out of it?’ And the answer is you don't. She’s as much a part of it as anything and I think her presence now is even more powerful than it was, like Obi-Wan — when the saber cuts him down he becomes more powerful. I feel like that's what's happened with Carrie. I think the legacy should continue.”

Todd continued to reiterate that he had faith in the movie’s producers to “do great things,” while knowing that the public and Star Wars fans are committed to preserve his sister’s memory. “I’m not the only part in that equation, but I think the people deserve to have her. She's owned by them.”

It is nice indeed to see how Disney has pledged to not use CGI in order to recreate Fisher’s likeness when it comes to Star Wars Episode IX. In fact, the entertainment giant issued a statement not too long after Fisher’s passing, citing that they would “cherish her memory and legacy as Princess Leia,” and “honor everything she gave to Star Wars.” Hence, to go down the non-CGI route is certainly one of the best ways of doing so.

It remains to be seen just what kind of role will Princess Leia have in the upcoming Star Wars movies, but there are strong ripples in the Force that Disney would like to make sure the iconic princess has a role to play. Do you think that Disney has taken the right route by not looking at Princess Leia through the lens of a computer generated character? It would feel awkward, that is for sure, just like when we laid our eyes on Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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