Microsoft Event Live Stream: Where to Watch Surface PC, Chromebook Launch Online This 7 AM PT

( [email protected] ) May 02, 2017 01:30 AM EDT
Check out the different live streams that are available for today’s Microsoft Surface PC event.
See what Microsoft has in store for the masses at today's live event. Microsoft

Microsoft has a big day today, with their Surface PC event kicking off at 6.30 AM PT (9.30 AM ET and 3.30 PM CET), so you might want to make sure that you are up bright and early depending on which time zone which you live in. Rest assured, there will be plenty of live streams made available for this event, which we will list down as follows so that you will not have any excuse not to miss out on any of the new products that will be revealed by Microsoft right on the dot. One thing is for sure though -- there will be no Surface Pro 5 rollout or introduction as many would have hoped for, but on the other hand that leaves room to look forward to something new in the future.

So far, it does seem as though the beats emanating from Microsoft’s drums point to this being an event that has its main focus on Windows 10, Microsoft’s de facto operating system at the moment. This would probably translate to a whole lot of unveilings and information concerning software (Windows Cloud, anyone?), while many are also keeping their fingers crossed that they would finally be able to check out just what the latest version of Microsoft Paint would look like -- a cult favorite and classic since the early days of the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface). There have also been whispers of new hardware being prepared for an announcement, with a new Surface device in the pipeline, but as mentioned earlier, do not expect any kind of Surface Pro 5, as the Surface Book is due for an update and hardware refresh. Also, it would not be surprising at all to see entry level educational devices being presented as Microsoft seeks to expand their market share in the computing world among developing countries and the ilk. How about a Cloud Book/CloudBook? Now that would also be an interesting addition to Microsoft’s growing stable of computing hardware for the masses.

Official Microsoft live stream
Microsoft’s official live stream of the event comes with the hashtag #MicrosoftEDU, which goes to show that it will most probably have its main focus on the educational aspect. Whether hardware or software, we will be able to keep track of it from 6.30 AM PT onward. Another alternative official channel where you will be able to check out the official live stream of Microsoft’s event would be here.

Unofficial live streams
The team at TechCrunch will be there live at the press conference in New York City, ensuring that viewers will be kept up to date with a blow-by-blow account of the event as it happens.The folks over at Pocket-lint, too, are up to the task where a live stream of the Microsoft event is concerned. They will throw in an embedded video with their story as new developments arise so that no one has to miss out on the action. For sure we are able to see other users pick it up on various avenues such as YouTube after that, too. 

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