Mothers Day Made Special, Christian Quotes, Poems and Card Ideas to Make Her Smile

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Nothing makes mother's day more memorable than having a child's personal touch sealed with love.
Mother's day presents need not be expensive. Chris Hondros / Staff / Getty Images

Mothers are God's instruments in bringing every person to the destiny that God has set even before birth. They play a vital role in the society as it is how they raise their children that will determine the kind of citizens children are going to be in the future. If mothers raise up Godly citizens, then a glorious future awaits the nation.

However, being a mother takes more than just the vision and determination. It takes a selfless sacrifice, tireless labor, and unconditional love without expecting anything in return.

As the scripture in Proverbs 31:28 quotes, "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her," so are children are to honor and bless their mothers accordingly. Mother's day is one great opportunity for children to show their gratitude. It may only come once every year, but children can make it something worth remembering.

Sons and daughters have a wide variety of ideas when it comes to making their mom smile. They may consider creating their own poem and mix them up with quoted scriptures from the bible. They may also consider some of the following Mother's day Christian quotes and poems from Home Made Gifts Made Easy.


God Created Mothers

~Holly Giffers


When God created mothers

All as lovely as can be,

He made one extra special,

and saved her just for me!


A Mom like You



There is no blessing

quite so dear...

as a mom like you

to love year after year!


Young ones also need not worry about what they can give their moms as they too can create heart-warming presents through their hand-made cards designed with kid-friendly accessories. They may consider sewing their card with yarn to create a heart shaped cover for their mother's day cards. They may create flowers made from cut colorful assorted papers as demonstrated in Cute DIY Projects.

Although there are a lot of ready-made materials in the market, moms find mother's day a very special one seeing their child's personal touch on every present they receive. After all, it is not the value nor the occasion that makes mom smile, what touches her heart is the seal of love in every deed.

Watch this video for more DIY ideas.

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