Harvest America 2017 With Greg Laurie: How to Live Stream, Host Upcoming Evangelistic Event

( [email protected] ) May 18, 2017 01:04 PM EDT
Harvest America 2017 is just around the corner -- and Pastor Greg Laurie wants you to become a host.
Greg Laurie serves as the Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California and Harvest Orange County in Irvine, California. (Harvest)

Harvest America 2017 is just around the corner -- and Pastor Greg Laurie wants you to become a host.

The live nationwide free event, scheduled for June 11, 2017, will broadcast live from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and will be simulcast to thousands of host locations across the country.

"My heart is to reach our country, because I think our country needs a spiritual awakening badly," Laurie, host and senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship megachurch in California, says. "Apart from this spiritual awakening, I don't know how we can turn this country around."

Harvest America, which is thought to be the largest collaborative evangelistic outreach ever to take place in the region, will feature an inspiring message from Pastor Laurie and music from top name artists including NeedToBreathe, MercyMe, Trip Lee, and Phil Wickham.

Says Pastor Laurie: "You know, we live in a time with big news, scary news, and we have good news in a bad world-that is the Good News of the Gospel. I think people really want to hear it. They want to hear something hopeful. This is not a political message; this is a spiritual message. My heart is to bring the Gospel to as many people in America as possible."

The pastor -- who has been called the "evangelist of the future" by Billy Graham -- has invited those who cannot physically attend the event to join thousands of others in hosting Harvest America in their churches or homes.

"I am not just preaching at the University of Phoenix Stadium, I am preaching the Gospel to the crowd of people wherever they are," he said. "I am not just giving the invitation in the stadium; I am giving to wherever people are watching it.

Churches, organizations and individuals interested in hosting the Harvest America outreach in their community can find more information at www.HarvestAmerica.com/host-the-simulcast.

Last year, the Harvest America event simulcast was hosted in 2,000 churches and 5,000 homes. A complete list of Harvest America 2017 satellite sites is available at www.HarvestAmerica.com/find-an-event.

"Conventional wisdom would say, most Americans have heard the Gospel," says Pastor Laurie. "I would beg to differ.I believe Americans have heard preaching of some kind. Maybe they've heard mention of the word Gospel, but have they heard a biblical presentation of what the Gospel really is? I don't think they have. I want people to make a decision for Christ based on an accurate presentation of the Gospel as opposed to what they may think the Gospel is."

Harvest America 2017 will be broadcast live on the Internet at www.HarvestAmerica.com, and "behind the scenes" updates about Harvest America 2017 will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or search social media using #HarvestAmerica. Additionally, this year Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will broadcast Harvest America live for the first time.

"What is unique about what we do is, from the beginning to the end, it is an evangelistic event," says Pastor Laurie. "It is not a conference. It isn't even a concert, although it has music in it. From the beginning of the night to the moment I get up to speak, we are setting the stage for the proclamation of the Gospel. When I step up on that stage I give a very simple message."

He added, "This is the proclamation of the essential Gospel in the most understandable way I can bring it, and asking people to make a decision for or against Jesus Christ."

For more information about Harvest America, call 1-800-278-7233 or go to www.harvestamerica.com.

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