iPhone 8 Hands-On Video (Rumor)

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2017 12:05 AM EDT
A new iPhone 8 hands-on video that features a dummy handset has surfaced. Learn all that is coming with the iPhone 8, what it will have, and what it will not.
Is this the real deal, and just how close will it resemble the actual iPhone 8 when it arrives? YouTube screengrab

The iPhone 8 is set for a release later this year, although the world has no idea as to what the exact date is. Leaker Benjamin Geskin is the one behind this leaked iPhone 8 dummy hands-on video which showcases a dummy handset, which is a very clear sign that the final device is very close to being released. After all, it showcases the ability for third party companies to begin developing clones of the handset, and that would mean the real iPhone 8 is on the brink of an official reveal that is rumored to happen four months from now. Apple has continued to maintain their highly secretive stance when it comes to their upcoming devices, especially the iPhone 8, and it has been close to impossible to sniff out any leaks of the OLED-enabled smartphone (as it is rumored to sport such a display), or perhaps even a couple of whispered LCD-equipped iPhone models that will follow the iPhone 8’s launch. This has led to dummy units, patent approvals, purported benchmark performance results, alleged design renders and drawings to help the masses form an opinion about what the iPhone 8 is all about: including its has and has nots. Interestingly enough, the leaked iPhone 8 dummy hands-on video has garnered close to 1.5 million views, having a ratio of 1:3 in terms of likes and dislikes. 

The alleged iPhone 8 dummy video hands-on offers a closer look at what the potential smartphone is all about, as well as providing a far more accurate picture of the device. In fact, there is still no final confirmation as to whether this is as close as it gets to the real deal, but with the iPhone 8’s release date being less than half a year away, it would not be surprising if this leak offers the closest representation just yet. Touted to be a CNC model, the leaked hands-on video points to a dummy device that is closely aligned with design drawings and rumors, which would certainly follow in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus’ edge-to-edge display. The iPhone 8 would most likely arrive with a glass body that is encased in a shiny stainless steel frame, so dropping it would cause a mini heart attack for new owners. It is best to purchase a corresponding protective case for that matter, as you would not want a smartphone that costs north of $1,000 to end up as an expensive paperweight so soon after you purchase it, would you? The dummy unit also lacks a Home button and visible Touch ID sensor, which would most probably point to those being integrated into the display itself.

Flipping the iPhone 8 dummy unit on its back points to a dual-lens rear camera that is aligned vertically. There is no Apple logo spotted on the dummy unit though, which might mean that Apple has not completely finalized the idea for this device, or they are still undecided on which particular segment of the device should the logo be placed. Based on existing available leaked design drawings and schematics, this dummy iPhone 8, should it resemble the real deal, will be thicker than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Do bear in mind that there is another set of design images that have been going around, pointing to an aluminum chassis for the iPhone 8 while sporting a rear Touch ID button that is located right below the Apple logo. The second design will see the Touch ID button at the back, and it has been speculated by many to be a backup plan just in case the integrated Touch ID solution fails to work as planned.

Other speculated hardware specifications for the iPhone 8 include an A11 processor, an improved battery life, advanced biometrics that will most probably comprise of facial and iris recognition, wireless charging capability, and an improved selfie camera, among others. Will it blow its immediate rivals out of the water? No doubt Samsung and LG will be on the lookout, that’s for sure.

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