Duggar Family Struggles Are Aplenty

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Being thrust under the spotlight can prove to be a very heavy responsibility, as members of the Duggar family have found out over the years. Here are some of the recent struggles experienced by the Duggar family over the years.
Jim Bob Duggar (L) and his wife Michelle Duggar (R) in Columbia, South Carolina, on the steps of the State House January 14, 2012. Photo: REUTERS / Chris Keane

Appearing on TV might be the dream of many, but in life, there is always a price to pay for everything. The stakes could not be any higher with insane amounts of stress levels when one takes reality TV into consideration. To have a camera crew follow you around for most of your waking hours can make even the most emotionally well balanced person end up going nuts, not to mention having to air all of your dirty laundry (or at least, the captured ones) for everyone to see. The Duggar family has certainly paid their price so far, and will continue to pay it as long as they let the world in through reality TV. Here are some of the recent struggles that the Duggars have gone through.

Murder of Duggar friend raises questions, doubts
Both Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard (who have had their parenting methods questioned) are not themselves, after having to go through the harrowing experience of knowing that their close friend had been brutally murdered. The murder took place in their adopted home country, El Salvador, where the victim was German Daniel Serrano Orellan. RadarOnline.com as the one to break this exclusive bit of news concerning the identity of the Salvadorian victim. According to Duggar and Dillard, German was kidnapped and killed, only to be discovered by other family members in a river that is close by. The ‘Counting On’ couple were working for SOS Ministries, which happens to be a Christian non-profit when news of the murder trickled out.

Apparently, the murder had something to do with gangs, and it has been revealed that the central American country “is very dangerous”. No doubt that the mother of the murder victim is also very sad. Such news definitely did not go down too well with Derick and Jill, with the latter being pregnant. Both of them decided to leave the country days after the murder happened to get away from it all and heal emotionally, while living in Arkansas as they make plans to be part of 19-year-old sister Joy Anna’s wedding to Austin Forsyth. It remains to be seen whether both Derick and Jill will make a return to El Salvador as part of their missionary work, but they are certainly gutted by the happening.

Josh Duggar's sexual indiscretions
Josh Duggar has not been the best of examples for a Christ-loving man, and his sexual indiscretions have certainly been a blow to the family. It just goes to show how fragile sinful man can be, especially when one does not submit his or her full faculties to the Lord. The Duggar family certainly had a huge blow when they found out about Josh Duggar's cheating and unfaithfulness to his wife Anna, who is already a mother of five at present time. Being the eldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar certainly has its fair share of pressure, and perhaps he cracked along the way. Between 2002 and 2003, it was alleged that Josh molested give underaged girls during that time, with four out of the five underaged girls being his very own sisters. Of course, his reputation did suffer a blow and chances are unless you are one with a forgiving spirit or do not follow the Duggars in entertainment circles, it would be difficult to claw back to a full healing and restoration point in his life. Josh also has ongoing court troubles, and most recently, he has had a car stolen from the dealership in which he is working at during a test drive. When it rains, it pours.

Hopefully things will look up for the Duggars sooner rather than later.

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