Boy With Autism Receives Marvelous Wisdom and Knowledge From Heaven

( [email protected] ) May 30, 2017 10:04 PM EDT
Sometimes, difficult circumstances can go by our lives unexpectedly which are hard to accept and understand. But as believers, we are not left on our own to face difficulties in life because God will still prove that He is God no matter the situations we're in. Learn from the story of Tahni Cullen whose faith and hope was tested and tried.
Sometimes, things can go by our lives unexpectedly that are difficult to accept, hard to understand and unfathomable. But as believers, we are not left on our own to face the difficulties because God will still prove that He is God no matter the situations in life. Learn from the story of Tahni Cullen whose faith was tested and tried when her son was diagnosed with autism. Pexels: Pixabay

Many people all over the world are going through some kind of hopelessness and difficulties in life such as having children with incurable, lifelong illnesses. Tahni Cullen was one among the faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ whose faith and hope had been tested.

Tahni Cullen, a pastor and a mother, wrote on her website, "What happens to hope when there is no hope? Everything that I loved, believed in, and thought I knew about God got tested." Her son, Josiah was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old.

Tahni and her husband, Joe, started to notice the changes in their son's behavior when Josiah was only about 22-months-old as she further explained in an interview with Sid Roth:

"...All of a sudden, very quickly things began to shift. And over about a three-week period of time he stopped looking at us. He stopped responding to his name. Suddenly, [the] play skills that he had, he started losing them and the 40 words or so that he had begun to just go away, words like "mama" and "dada." He was flipping lights on and off incessantly."

It was a hopeless situation for the family and Cullen struggled in all aspects of her life, even with her faith in God. She couldn't understand all that was happening. But God was faithful to His promises as the family started seeing miraculous improvements with their son.

Cullen had been applying a teaching method to her son called rapid prompting method using an iPad. And one night she was teaching Josiah about Jesus healing the blind man making him choose between the words heal or play. She then asked Josiah to spell the word heal and Josiah pressed the letter G then O which she thought Josiah was losing it.

Then her son continued typing his very first sentence which wrote, "God is a good gift giver." She knew at that moment, God was healing Josiah.

She went on asking Josiah how he is able to learn that, and his son typed in the iPad "God is very capable." From that moment, Cullen felt for the first time that they were finally able to get to know their son.

From science to history and theology, Josiah is believed to have been visiting heaven where he gets educated by Jesus. He is now an 8-year-old boy who has broken down the walls of silence by typing through the iPad the inspirations he receives from God. Some of his writings can be found on his Facebook page, Josiah's fire.

Tahni Cullen continues to encourage people across the globe with the message of supernatural hope and healing that she has found in God. She says,

"There is no coping in Heaven's language. It is the only hope. And even Abraham, it said, in the worst situations, against hope, he hoped. And you may not have the situation that I have. You may have a completely different situation, but the God of hope is extending this rope..."