House Of Cards Season 6 Plot Details, Updates, News: Is It Worth Another Outing?

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14 June 2017: Is House of Cards season 6 going to be a hit on Netflix, or has the TV series overstayed its welcome? Let us see what are some of the possible plot mechanisms that fans will experience if there is a sixth season on the cards.
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Netflix has evolved to be far more than just the “go to” place if you would like to stream a movie or TV series on demand. In fact, Netflix is smart by blurring the lines, offering its very own original series that have definitely captured the attention of the masses. Some of the Netflix original series that have received closure include Bloodline, The Get Down, and Sense 8, and one cannot help but wonder just which would be the next original series that will receive a cease and desist order from the higher management? House of Cards Season 5 has been released not too long ago, having picked up better critical response compared to the previous season and a half. The big question on everyone’s minds would be this, “Is there going to be a House of Cards Season 6?” If the answer is in the affirmative, just which particular route would the storyline take?

Even if House of Cards Season 5 has had pretty decent run, this does not mean that it is safe from the chopping block. However, if House of Cards fails to secure a Season 6 by the network’s executives, it would be a downer. For one very simple reason: House of Cards Season 5 ended with a cliffhanger moment, and this will definitely ensure that viewers are all pumped up for the next season which might just shape up to be a series finale. After all, all good things must come to an end, and there were critics who claimed that the show might end up floundering to a standstill after Beau Willimon left.

However, the massive amount of success that the House of Cards series has received, not to mention the number of awards that it has picked up since debuting in 2013 (earning nominations at the Emmys and Golden Globe Awards as well, with Robin Wright picking up the distinction of being the first actress to land a Golden Globe Award in an online-only web TV series). It would seem unthinkable to cancel a cash cow like this, but the folks over at Netflix have not yet put forward a confirmation that a sixth season is in the pipeline, leaving everyone hanging for the actual situation. While there is a very good chance to see a renewal happen, the folks behind the House of Cards are more than willing to accept the fact that there is the possibility of House of Cards ending at Season 5.

While Season 5 entered production without having any guarantee for a sixth season, the finale in there was meant to be a season and series finale. The team shared, “Working on television, you have a sense that if it had to end there’s a way to end it, but there is almost always a plan for what it would mean to keep going forward.” The ending saw Claire Underwood achieve her ambition of being in a position of strength and power, being able to speak to the audience directly makes the scene all the more powerful. Alternatively, such an ending is also open ended, allowing the viewers to draw their own conclusions, and for many fans of the series, clamoring for more.

So far, the entire cast, including heavyweights such as Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Michael Kelly, have not received any kind of contract for Season 6. However, that might simply be the need for the right paperwork to be fleshed out, as it is the same with previous seasons.

House of Cards has been Netflix’s first original series, and helped boost the marketability of the other made for web TV series, so it would be ignominious to have it end just like that. If there is a House of Cards Season 6, we would most probably see it arrive some time in the middle or the end of 2018.

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