'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Respond to Pregnancy Rumors

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2017 11:20 AM EDT
June 26, 2017: "Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines weigh in on rumors they're working on baby number 5.
Chip and Jo currently have four children, Drake, 12, Ella, 10, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7, who sometimes appear on their wildly popular HGTV show.
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"Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have finally weighed in on rumors they're working on baby number five, revealing that while they'd be "really excited" to get pregnant, they're most likely finished expanding their family.

"I wish! I would love to have another baby, but I think Uncle Chucky is tired," Joanna told People Magazine when asked if she and Chip will have more children. "I would love another baby - or twins! The kids are always asking me, 'Mom, can you have another baby?' But Chip thinks we're done."

Chip admitted, "I used to be the risk taker. Jo has completely lost her mind...I thought I'd always want more babies, you know, the more the merrier. After four, I was like, 'I'm merry enough'."

The Gaines currently have four children, Drake, 12, Ella, 10, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7, who sometimes appear on their wildly popular HGTV show.

"Emmie has never really wanted [another sibling], and now she's like, "Okay. I want a brother or sister,' " says Joanna. "So I'm thinking that might be a sign."

Chip joked, "I think that's a sign that Emmie's lost her mind."

While she'd be "really excited" to have another baby, Jo admitted that "between the farm, tons of animals, the babies, all the businesses", she and Chip may be finished having children.

The Waco, Texas natives not only star in the highest-rated show in HGTV history, they're at the helm of the retail compound Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas, which draws up to 40,000 visitors every week. They're also behind a paint, rug, wallpaper and furniture lines, a real estate company, plus a quarterly magazine, a luxury vacation rental, a soon-to-open restaurant and a New York Times best-selling book with a second in the works, Capital Gaines: Smart Stuff I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff.

Despite their success, the Christian reality stars say their priority is - and always has been - their 14-year marriage.

"Before all of this..we were doing 'date night' every Tuesday night, and we're still doing 'date night' every Tuesday night," Joanna said. "It's kind of our time to say, 'How's it going? What's going on?"

"I love a good steak every now and then, but we tend to frequent our local holes-in-the-wall for street tacos and queso," she added. "After dinner we get ice cream and drive around Waco to go down memory lane and visit our old stomping grounds."

Jo also shared that she and Chip start each day by sharing a cup of coffee on the porch together before the kids wake up.

"I just feel like you can look up in ten years and go, 'Holy cow...there's this huge divide between us,' or you can consistently nurture this relationship," she said. "It's work, it requires a lot of effort, a lot of time and connecting and talking. It's not just. 'Hey now we're married, so let's just figure it out. You actually have to maintain that."

Added Chip, "Jo and I both made a commitment pretty early on that the two of us are the most important variable. If we can figure out how to be right as a couple, then obviously we a have a lot better opportunity to be right for our kids."

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