Reporter : By Lillian Kwon
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    Media Misconceptions on Bible, Homosexuality

    In the aftermath of the passage of California's Proposition 8, Newsweek and Hollywood are the latest players to launch their attacks on traditional marriage supporters and the biblical case against homosexuality.
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    Breakaway Anglicans Aim for Less Division with New Province

    FAIRFAX, Va. – As breakaway Anglicans prepare to introduce a draft constitution for their new conservative province in North America on Wednesday, many within the global church body are debating whether a separate structure is the best way to deal with the current divisions.
  • Getting the Whole Story Out on Christians and Homosexuality

    For many Americans, all they've heard is that Christians are "anti-gay." The recent passage of amendments in California, Florida and Arizona defining marriage between a man and a woman and the large support those measures drew from churches haven't changed that perception, and perhaps made it worse.
  • Pastor Preaches Sex That is Free from Sin

    The Song of Songs is said to be the most erotic and exciting book in Scripture yet its contents are hardly preached on. When the book is taught in church, it is usually taught as an allegory, and not literally as an intimate relationship between a husband and a wife.
  • Californians Pass Gay Marriage Ban

    After weeks of prayer and intense campaigning on both sides, Californians passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
  • Evangelical Movement Still Taking Shape

    PATTAYA, Thailand – Though evangelicalism has emerged as a prominent voice and a powerhouse among today's major Christian movements, it was not long ago that the Bible-based movement was a small persecuted minority.
  • Popular TV Ministry Drops Schuller Branding

    The "Hour of Power" will no longer be the voice and face of just one or two individuals, said renowned preacher Dr. Robert H. Schuller. After 30 years, the popular television ministry is expanding its platform to include other influential Christian voices.
  • Reveal: Churches Aim for Disciples, Not Casual Christians

    Pastor Bill Hybels didn't give his life to the development of the local church just to gather a bunch of casual Christians, he says. He gave it to see people far from God find the love of Christ and fully devote themselves to God and what He is doing.
  • SBC Head: Love the Homosexual, Hate OUR Sin

    Christians often say "love the sinner, hate the sin" when expressing their stance on homosexuality. But the new leader of the Southern Baptist Convention wants to offer something different.
  • Grant Aims to Expand Pro-Gay Churches

    A $1.2 million grant has been awarded to expand the efforts of gay and lesbian groups in increasing the number of churches that fully welcome and affirm homosexuals.
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