Reporter : Christian Pilares
  • Black Friday Deals

    JCPenney Black Friday Deals and Ads 2016

    Black Friday Deals have started to leak, including those from JCPenney. Black Friday deals and ads are expected to come out by the end of this week. People are looking forward to see what they can get. But some ads for the annual shopping event have started to leak online to give ideas to shoppers about the deals that they can expect.
  • Apple Store

    Apple Cuts Adapter Prices

    Apple reduces the prices for its adapters. In a move that is highly unusual for a company that has been notorious for charging steep prices for its products, not only for its main ones but for accessories too, Apple is cutting the prices for adapters. The move is mainly a response to the uproar that it received from customers.
  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed, New Console And Game Titles Details

    There's a great deal of excitement right now in regards with the Nintendo Switch. Fans are waiting for the official word as to when it would be released but Nintendo has not issued any official statement yet, but fans may have received a clue. The release date for upcoming game console may have been revealed through a leak.
  • Chicago Cubs

    Chicago Cubs End Century-Long World Series Title Drought

    The Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series. The team just ended what is probably the most storied and the most famous title or championship drop in professional sports in the whole world. The last time the franchise won the title was in 1908. To give you an idea on how long that has been, the automobile was still a new thing back then, World War One still hasn't happened, and the airplane was just a few years old.
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