Reporter : Elizabeth Delaney
  • San Bernardino

    Colorado Abortion Clinic Shooter, Dear, Questionable Motive, California Shooters' Motives Clear

    MSNBC's Chris Hayes seems to think that the Colorado abortion clinic shooter and California shooters aren't truly any different from one another. Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) argued that the focus that the shooters had in the two incidences are very different. King argues that Jesus, "never raised his hand to injure anyone specifically, but Muhammed did. There’s a big difference in this. They’re [radical Muslims] carrying on the traditions that are centuries old."
  • Religious Freedom in Crosshairs

    Liberty Institute Attorney Justin Butterfield: 'Criminal Summons' Against US Church Worship on Rise

    Incidences of town residents who live near churches complaining that church worship music is too loud is on the rise. The most recent case of a complaining neighbor and a lawsuit that is getting some press is in Louisiana. Vintage Church's executive pastor was actually issued a "criminal summons" in front of his entire congregation and pregnant wife because the worship team was too loud for one town resident on Sundays.
  • DawnChere and Rich Wilkerson

    Pastor Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson's 'Rich In Faith' Oxygen Reality TV Show: 'Platform for Message of Redemption'

    Perhaps the thing Rich Wilkerson was best known for prior to the Oxygen Series program, "Rich in Faith" was officiating the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Wilkerson pastors Vous Church (Vous is French for You) in Miami, Florida, which appears to be aimed more at urban millennials and the unchurched, but also seems to be focused on being multicultural. It's a spin-off from the Rendezvous young adult ministry he led when he was still working with his dad at Trinity Church. So there are some ways in which he has put a bit of a different twist on things.
  • Nativity

    Wadena, Minnesota Residents Start Nativity Movement After Atheist Forces Removal of City's Nativity Display

    It all began when somebody complained about a nativity scene in the middle of town in Wadena, Minnesota. Residents are refusing to hold their peace and are showing, rather than telling, just what they think about the situation. Town residents are binding together and inspiring Christians across the nation to stand together in unity and place nativity scenes in their own yards, and posting photos of the beautiful displays on the Wadena Nativity Display Facebook page.
  • Coat of Many Colors

    Ricky Schroder 'Flattered' to Play Dolly Parton's Dad In 'Coat of Many Colors' Movie

    Dolly Parton said she was told many years ago that one of her her signature songs, "Coat of Many Colors" would make a great movie. The time is apparently now for that movie to hit the TV airwaves, and actor Ricky Schroder says he is "flattered" to have the opportunity to play the role of Dolly's father in the budding series of TV movies.
  • Paris Climate Change Talks

    Scientists Believe 'Faith' May Give Climate Change Talks Momentum

    Things haven't been going as smoothly or as quickly as concerned climate change scientists would like. Only about five percent of Americans see global warming, or climate change, as the nation's number one problem. Americans seem to be watching the 2016 elections more closely now than over the past thirty years. And within that, they are mostly concerned about the economy (33 percent) and terrorism (28 percent), with everything else lagging behind. So the newest strategy of some scientists for refocusing America's attention on climate change is to try to more blatantly partner it with religion.
  • San Bernardino, California

    Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Niece Alveda King On 'God Isn't Fixing This': 'People Don't Have an Understanding of What Prayer is'

    If anyone knows about senseless violence in the face of trying to make the world a better place, it's the King family. Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was a Baptist minister that was gunned down in 1968. In a nutshell, his focus was on equal rights for all and unity within the body of Christ. When Alveda was asked by Fox News about her take on a tabloid mocking various US Congress members who publically stated that their thoughts and prayers were with the families of those impacted by the San Bernardino shooting, she said her first thought was that, "People don't have an understanding of what prayer is."
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott

    Texas Files Lawsuit over Syrian Immigrants, Other States Rejecting Immigrants

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has referred to the continued federal acceptance of Syrian immigrants into America as, "irresponsible." He feels that the safety and security of Texans are threatened because the International Rescue Committee "offered no guarantees" as Syrian immigrants continue to work toward resettling in Texas. A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday to try to stop the immigration that is being forced onto Texas.
  • Colorado Springs police chief Pete Carey

    Colorado Abortion Clinic Shooting May Become Platform for Funding Bill, Gun Bans

    The gunman's cry of, "no more body parts!" during the tragic abortion clinic shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado has brought up multiple issues. Besides that controversial video that allegedly explained the harvesting of body parts and apparent sale for them, there is also the debate of whether or not most Americans want Planned Parenthood defunded, and what it will take for stricter gun ban laws.
  • Chris Stone

    'Christmas Buycott' Campaign Helps Christians Reward Christian-Friendly Companies

    Faith Driven Consumer founder Chris Stone is encouraging Christian shoppers to use their Christmas dollars for creating their own "nice and naughty" lists this season. As the move to make Christmas into a crazy holiday frenzy rather than the Christian celebration that it is supposed to be intensifies, Stone proposes that a "buycott" will be far more effective than a boycott.
  • Jordan Wooley

    Brave Texas Tween Jordan Wooley Threatened After Taking Stand in Class: 'God Is Fact, Not Myth'

    It sounds like something out of the Rich Christiano Christian movie, A Matter of Faith, except that this story is set in a junior high classroom rather than a college lecture hall. As the story unfolds, seventh-grader Jordan Wooley and her classmates were told to write on a paper whether they thought the existence of God is fact, opinion or a myth. When Jordan said that she saw this as a fact or an opinion, the teacher threatened to give her a failing grade if she did not change her answer to myth.
  • Trump Tower meeting

    Black Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott on Donald Trump Meeting: 'It's Not The Last One'

    An Ohio Cleveland African-American pastor named Darrell Scott helped to organize a Monday meeting that took place at the Trump Tower in New York. At first, the meeting had been spun as one in which black evangelical pastors were endorsing Trump, but Scott later said that there had been a miscommunication and that the meeting was about having some open dialogue. Scott is the pastor of New Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
  • Advent Wreath

    Advent 2015: Making An Advent Season That Leads to Meaningful Christmas Traditions

    If they could sell the public on the idea, many retailers would probably have the average person believing that Advent is about Christmas shopping. Especially since the number one complaint about the Christmas season is crowds and long lines. These things can be enough of an annoyance that they can make families forget why Christmas is even celebrated and make many traditions seem empty and meaningless.
  • Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Bishop T.D. Jakes: The Secret to Finding a Happy Thanksgiving In Midst of Crisis

    There seem to be two camps in regard to the Thanksgiving holiday: there are those who actually enjoy being with their family and gorging with that turkey dinner, and those who'd rather not. There are many reasons some people would just rather avoid the Thanksgiving holiday, ranging from grief to a severely dysfunctional family to loneliness and more. Thanksgiving can bring up memories of loved ones who have passed away, as this holiday apparently does for T.D. Jakes and his family.
  • Amanda Blackburn

    Pastor Davey Blackburn Accused of Being 'Weak' in Choosing To Forgive Killers of Slain Pregnant Wife Amanda Blackburn

    The murder of Amanda Blackburn is tragic enough all by itself. Her precious presence in Pastor Davey Blackburn's life can never be replaced. But one of the most asinine statements to hit the media airwaves is the notion that Pastor Blackburn is "weak" in choosing to forgive his wife's murderer and love him. What's even more pathetic is that such a view is held by a fellow minister, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.
  • Syrian Immigrants

    Persecuted Syrian Christians Avoid Refugee Camps, Fear Muslim Attacks

    Immigration has been a hot debate topic in Washington DC, and even among 2016 presidential contenders. Many republicans have argued that since the Paris attacks, all Syrian immigrants should be banned from the US. The debate has been intense enough that it could even bring on a government shutdown when the government spending bill comes up for a vote next month. The irony here is that the very ones that are supposed to be getting the protection are often too fearful to accept it.
  • Capitol Building and Christmas Tree

    Virginia's VA Christmas Trees Banned For Christian Symbolism, Nativity Scenes Not Mentioned

    Recently, there was a big uproar about a Christmas tree ban in a Virginia VA building. The ban noted that Christmas trees "promote the Christian religion," and so they weren't going to be allowed on what was apparently considered government property. The way that this battle has apparently come to a temporary close is that other symbols of the season must also be displayed so that the holiday is more all-inclusive. Never mind that it is called Christmas. In addition, the VA employees can still be punished if they are caught saying, "Merry Christmas" to anyone in a public area in the Virginia VA building -- including veterans.
  • Jeremy Lin

    Jeremy Lin: 'Team Chemistry' Is One Powerful Secret to Winning NBA Games

    Jeremy Lin has become quite the basketball icon among fans of the NBA sport. One especially admirable thing about him is that he is a role model who actually recognizes the significance of standing in such a place. Many in China and Taiwan love him for the honor that he brings to the country, NBA fans love him for his amazing talent and skill, parents love him for his positive values, and Christians love him for his consistently bold testimony about his faith. A recent YouTube video encourages views to pursue their dreams in partnership with the Lord.
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