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  • Davey, Amanda and Weston Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn Killer Another Step Closer To Captured As Davey Blackburn Trusts God For, 'What's Next'

    Amanda Blackburn's killer has made multiple mistakes that are quickly leading to his capture. The most recent discovery, though heart wrenching, is one of possibly the most helpful to police. Amanda Blackburn put up a courageous fight, but was also reportedly raped by her killer. The DNA evidence that has been found is a powerful piece of evidence for leading to an even faster capture of the murderer.
  • Supreme Court Building

    Same-Sex Marriage Is About More than Just Same-Sex Marriage

    When most people consider the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage, the name Kim Davis usually comes up somewhere in the conversation. Even more recently, presidential contender Mike Huckabee's name also comes up because of his decision to stand with Kim Davis, and the lawsuit with which he's been slapped by Rude Music for playing the song "Eye of the Tiger" when Kim Davis was released from a Kentucky jail. But the controversy connected to same-sex marriage is not as simple as how the mainstream media is spinning it.
  • Family

    Some Retailers Offer Alternative View of American Family In Their Christmas Campaigns

    Controversy is a powerful marketing, promotions and publicity tool. This weekend will be a heavy weekend of shopping for Thanksgiving meals, followed by next week's black Friday shopping frenzy. Just as many 2016 presidential hopefuls are using the hot-button issue of traditional marriage verses same-sex marriage in their campaigns, there are a few retailers that apparently feel that following the example of Washington politicians will give them a bigger bang for their advertising dollar.
  • GOP Republican U.S. presidential candidates

    Position of 5 Republican and Democrat Presidential Contenders Concerning Christianity and 2016 Elections

    As voters continue to watch presidential contenders and consider who they might vote for in the 2016 elections, those who are Christian are especially concerned about the future of religious freedoms in America. In fact, noted that 41 percent of Americans feel that their religious freedoms are under a more significant threat today than those freedoms were just ten years ago. And that poll was done before the Kim Davis story broke. In addition, only 28 percent of American voters feel that the nation is headed in the right direction.
  • Amanda and Davey Blackburn

    Amanda Blackburn's Neighbor May Have Found Murder Weapon, Pastor Husband Says Wife's Journal A Source of Comfort

    It's a slow but steady process as detectives and Indianapolis police work together to capture the murderer of Amanda Blackburn. One great breakthrough has been that a neighbor on the same street as the Blackburn family found a gun laying in a yard near their home. That person took the gun to the Indianapolis fire station where it was turned it over to the police. At the present time, the gun is in the possession of crime lab technicians.
  • Russia's President Vladimir Putin

    Russia Blaming ISIS For Plane Explosion, ISIS Threatens All France Supporters

    Fragments of foreign-made explosives have been found on a downed Russian plane and various personal items of the passengers that exploded over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31. This finding was just announced late Monday night. Russia's President Vladimir Putin's response to the finding is to join with France and increase Russian airstrikes on Syria.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu

    Netanyahu Supports France: 'Attack on Any of us...Attack on All of us'

    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was blatant on Saturday about his support for France in the wake of the tragic terror attacks that took place over the weekend. There was a total of six places that ISIS terrorists bombed. Two restaurants, a well known concert hall, a bar, and a stadium where French President Hollande was in attendance of a soccer game between Germany and France. Over 150 people lost their lives with many more wounded.
  • Davey and Amanda Blackburn

    Indianapolis Police Gaining Ground in Capturing Murderer of Pastor's Pregnant Wife Amanda Blackburn

    The tragic murder of Amanda Blackburn is steadily moving in the direction of the capture of her killer. Police have been able to gather evidence that was left behind at the crime scene when she was initially attacked this past Tuesday, and there is surveillance footage that police obtained near Blackburn's home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Assistant Commander Eric Hench has been quoted as saying "To the individual who committed this crime: You are not as good as you think you are. You left behind evidence."
  • Art with a Heartbeat

    'Art with a Heartbeat' Inspires Churches, Companies to Resolve Communication Challenges

    More and more churches and companies in America are facing challenges stemming from complications with effective communication. Unresolved cultural tensions and other issues are increasing as this digital age brings more awareness to the world in general about the differences and even hostilities between people groups. Finding easy ways to address these things and get them out in the open so they can be discussed and resolved has been something of a conundrum for many church and business leaders.
  • Rand Paul

    Why Rand Paul Is An Interesting Possibility For the 2016 U.S. Presidency

    Election season has become something like the Christmas season in that it seems to start earlier with each passing election year. The 2015 contenders are in the process of decking town halls with their presence and working to persuade the media and general public that they are good little boys and girls who deserve everyone's vote. One of the more interesting ones on the conservative side of the spectrum is Senator Rand Paul, and yes, he is still in the running. Apparently, that's the most Googled question about him right now.
  • Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin

    Great Expectations for Jeremy Lin

    Michael Jordan seems to be pretty excited about how Jeremy Lin is producing so far. And the fast-rising basketball star has a lot on his shoulders. The Examiner stated that Jordan expects him to breathe some new life into the Hornet's inoperative offense, and Slam Online has quoted Jordan as saying that Lin's penetration, shooting capability, point guard savvy, ability to really pass the ball, and his energy about the game of basketball are all skills and qualities that will bring the Hornets to the new level needed to maintain a winning streak.
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