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  •  George R.R. Martin

    No Imminent Release for ‘The Winds of Winter’ as Distractions Pile Up on George RR Martin?

    The chance is quite slim a 2017 release date for “The Winds of Winter” will happen and the main reason – George RR Martin is extremely busy. The “Game of Thrones” creator has earlier admitted ongoing projects swamp him at the moment and more recently fresh distractions emerged, which could easily delay things he’s been doing, including the task to complete TWoW.
  • LeBron James

    NBA Trade Rumors: LeBron James’ Next Superteam Stop is the Boston Celtics – Here’s Why

    From the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James is rumored to bring his juggernaut basketball game next to the Los Angeles Lakers, purportedly to form a Superteam with Paul George and Lonzo Ball and it will happen as early as NBA Season 2018-19. King James, however, could be setting his sight on an Eastern Conference team – one that could further advance his legacy and it will be none other than the Boston Celtics.
  • Paul George

    NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers Superteam Lineup to Include Paul George, Carmelo Anthony?

    The Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be morphing into a Superteam with two NBA superstars reportedly set to join the 2017 NBA Finals runner up. If rumors are true LeBron James will soon count Paul George and Carmelo Anthony as teammates, likely to be paved by a three-way trade involving the Cavs, the Indiana Pacers and the Denver Nuggets.
  • George R.R. Martin

    ‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date Happening in 2018 – Here’s Why

    It seems obvious not to expect “The Winds of Winter” release date anytime this 2017. After all, author George RR Martin has refused to commit to a deadline the last time he gave an update. He simply assured work on the book is ongoing and the time of completion is anybody’s guess. Could it be that the publication is set in 2018?
  • LeBron James

    NBA 2017 Trade Rumors: LA Lakers Eye a Superteam with LeBron James, Paul George?

    The offseason fun on the NBA has just started and rumors are circulating the announced rebuilding of the Los Angeles Lakers will lead to the creation of a Superteam to stop the rampaging Golden State Warriors on their track. Reportedly, the core of this title-chasing squad would be LeBron James, Paul George and Lonzo Ball.
  • Jimmy Butler

    NBA Trade Rumors: Who’ll be the Core Players for Boston Celtics’ Superteam?

    NBA history will show superteams, built around on one or two superstar players, win championships. It was the case with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls when the term used was dynasty, when Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were the dominant names. And it appears to be where the Boston Celtics are headed to, visibly inspired by the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Kevin Durant

    NBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant’s Next NBA Ring Could Cost Him $4M – Here’s Why

    Kevin Durant scored his first NBA ring with the Golden State Warriors and it looks like the 2017 NBA Finals MVP plans on securing another one, if possible as early as Season 2017-18. Reports came out KD is staying with the Warriors and to make sure the team’s winning tradition, the scoring champion is gladly taking a pay cut.
  • Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'

    ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Rumors, Spoilers: Jon Snow Chief Nemesis is Euron Greyjoy?

    In “Game of Thrones,” the ultimate prize of playing the dangerous game is certainly the honor of owning the Iron Throne, the current occupant of which is Cersei Lannister. But in order for the Queen Mother to preserve her rule on Westeros, she will need to deal with formidable rivals – the determined Daenerys Targaryen, the reluctant Jon Snow and an unlikely contender in Euron Greyjoy.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Real Madrid for Manchester United?

    Hounded by tax troubles in Spain, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly seeking his out of the legal mess and option on the table is a Bernabeu exit. Speculations are rife Ronaldo is all set to depart from Real Madrid and possibly take on the route that will lead him back to Manchester United.
  • Stephen Curry

    Warriors-Cavaliers NBA Finals 2018 Repeat Face Off Will Not Come Easy – Here’s Why

    Unless a major upheaval happens, next is expected to see a repeat of the NBA Finals 2017. The usual suspects – the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers – will tussle for the fourth time with missions of their own. The Warriors will gun for third win on their epic Finals series with Cavs, and the latter will attempt to equalize.
  • Rafael Nadal

    Wimbledon 2017: Rafael Nadal Guns for No. 1, Championships Win After French Open Conquest

    Rafael Nadal wining his 10th French Open will not stop him from chasing history. The next stop is All England Club where the world No. 2 hopes to get his third Grand Slam title on grass court. Then by the end of the year, the Spaniard can very well aim for No. 1 but he needs to get past Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and his chief nemesis – Roger Federer.
  • Kevin Love

    NBA 2017 Trade Rumors: The Pros and Cons of Cleveland Cavaliers Trading Kevin Love

    It was a dismal Game 5 for Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers ended up losing to the Golden State Warriors. Now leaving the NBA Finals 2017 behind and looking forward to next season, chances are the Cavs will again meet the Warriors for another shot on the Larry O’Brien Trophy. So what need to be done to ensure a win?
  • Stephen Curry

    NBA Finals 2017: Warriors vs. Cavaliers Game 5 TV Schedule and Live Stream Guide

    NBA Finals 2017 Game 5 goes back to Oracle Arena and the Golden State Warriors are hard pressed to score a win come tip off time set at 9:00 PM ET. The Cleveland Cavaliers are fresh from the Game 4 blowout of 137-116 and certainly are gunning for a repeat to live another day. The GSW lead the series at 3-1 but can ill-afford to absorb another loss.
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