Reporter : Lauren Leigh Noske
  • Make an Impact

    Christian New Year’s Broadcast to be Largest Global Faith-Based Event in History

    Production and technology solutions company Blue Scout Media plans to host "New Year's Impact," the largest faith-based global gathering ever, on New Year's Eve. Instead of watching the ball drop in Times Square this year, churches, families, and friends are encouraged to view the event online at no charge for five hours of entertainment from prominent Christian artists, speakers, and illusionist Justin Flom.
  • Veterans Day 2013

    Veterans Day – Pointing to the Ultimate Sacrifice

    Today, men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces will be honored for their bravery and loyalty to our country. Veterans' sacrifice on behalf of others is worthy of praise, and paints a beautiful picture of the One Who gave His life to redeem His people.
  • Billy Graham at 95th Birthday Celebration

    What is Billy Graham's Hope for America?

    Billy Graham's "My Hope America" aired last night, broadcasting the name of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins made possible through His death on the cross. Graham, who has faithfully proclaimed the Gospel to hundreds of millions of people around the world, has an unwavering hope in the Son of God Who came to redeem men.
  • Billy Graham

    Billy Graham to Celebrate 95th Birthday – Donald Trump, Others Invited to Party

    World-renowned Christian evangelist and author Billy Graham plans to celebrate his ninety-fifth birthday on Thursday with hundreds of guests, and invitations extending to former president Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy. Graham, who served as an advisor to presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon and preached alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., has spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 215 million people worldwide. His birthday will also kick start "My Hope America with Billy Graham," a series of evangelical messages to be broadcast nationwide November 7-10.
  • Kendrick Johnson

    FBI to Investigate Kendrick Johnson’s Death

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation will begin investigating the death of Kendrick Johnson, the seventeen-year-old who was found rolled up in a high school wrestling mat in January, after months of protest from Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson regarding the investigation conducted by the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office in Valdosta, Ga. The family believes that the official cause of death, which was pronounced to be accidental within one day of its discovery, was homicide.
  • Texas Abortion 5th Circult Court of Appeals

    Texas Abortion Law Requiring Admitting Privileges Ruled Constitutional

    The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals determined Thursday that the portion of House Bill 2 which requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals is constitutional. The decision overrules the federal lawsuit which Planned Parenthood had won earlier this week, where Judge Lee Yeakel had claimed that there was no "rational basis" for the requirement.
  • Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Sparked the Reformation on All Hallows’ Eve

    Today marks the 496th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a Roman Catholic Church in Wittenberg, Saxony, protesting the selling of indulgences and the ability of the Pope to absolve sins. The reformation that followed effectively divided the Western church into the Protestant and Catholic denominations of Christianity.
  • Halloween pumpkin

    Jimmy Needham on Redeeming Halloween

    Christian artist Jimmy Needham and his family have decided to use Halloween as an opportunity to share the Gospel with others this Hallows' Eve. The Needhams happen to live on Sleepy Hallow Drive, a street that gets tons of Halloween traffic each year, which will hopefully give them much opportunity to share Christ with visitors.
  • Duck Dynasty Christmas CD

    'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Album 'Duck the Halls' Released

    The Robertson family released their first Christmas album today, a mixture of Christmas classics and redneck fun. The album features all three generations of Robertsons, along with country singers George Straight, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, and Alison Krauss.
  • AbortionTexas.jpg

    Texas Late-Term Abortion Law Blocked by Federal Court Justice, Attorney General Greg Abbott Appeals

    Planned Parenthood succeeded in winning a federal lawsuit regarding the late-term abortion ban that was recently passed in Texas. Federal Judge Lee Yeakel ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood Monday, citing that the portion of the law which requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals would restrict women's access to abortion facilities without "a rational basis."
  • Raising Children Boys and Girls

    Are Girls More Likely to Outperform Boys in American Schools?

    With the rise of feminism in the late 20th century, many institutions in America are catering toward women and making it difficult for young boys to flourish. Our culture has placed high value on sensitivity and on being relational, and the standard of "model behavior" in grade schools is that of a well-mannered, quiet little girl.
  • In God We Trust Dollar Pennsylvania Public Schools

    Pennsylvania May Make 'In God We Trust' Motto Mandatory in Public Schools

    Legislation sponsored by State Representative Rick Saccone would require that public school districts in Pennsylvania post the national motto, "In God We Trust" in school buildings if it is passed. Saccone says that the act is widely supported in the state where, according to Wikipedia, 43% of residents regularly attend church.
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