Reporter : Lauren Leigh Noske
  • Kaka

    Christian Soccer Superstar Ricardo Kaká Signs with New MLS Team Orlando City

    International soccer player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite - known as Kaká – has agreed to play for a new Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion franchise in Orlando, Florida. He announced his plans to leave Italian professional football league AC Milan Monday, and plans to spend six months on loan at Sao Paulo FC prior to joining the Orlando City club in January 2015.
  • Hobby Lobby Ruling

    Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby: Religious Freedom, Liberty Triumphs over Obamacare Contraception Mandate

    The Supreme Court met today to deliver its ruling on Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, wherein the Christian family-owned business opposed complying with the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate of the Affordable Care Act, which requires that employers provide employees with cost-free contraception and abortive measures. ABC News reports that the 5-4 majority ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby this morning, stating that for-profit, family-owned corporations can choose not to offer such measures to their employees if it would violate the owners’ religious beliefs.
  • Bobby Jindal

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Says Washington Waging 'Silent War' on Religious Liberty

    In his address to the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Saturday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said he is ready to take a stand for Christian freedoms in America. Jindal believes that the Obama Administration has been waging a “silent war” on religious liberty and on education, and he says he is prepared to lead an insurrection against this.
  • Ramadan 2014

    Ramadan 2014: How (Rules) and Why Do Muslims Fast?

    The Islamic month of Ramadan begins on Saturday, June 28 and ends on July 28, 2014. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is mandatory for most adult Muslims during Ramadan, though exceptions are made for those who are ill, travelling, breastfeeding, or pregnant.
  • Zach Dasher

    ‘Duck Dynasty’ Republican Nephew Zach Dasher Runs for Louisiana Congress

    "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson's nephew, 36-year-old Republican Zach Dasher, plans to run for the 5th District seat in Louisiana's House of Representatives this November. "I want to help restore America to what she once was - a nation that builds freedom and prosperity on the anchor of God," Dasher told The News-Star.
  • Bible Study

    Are College Campuses Removing Christian Freedoms?

    Several Christian student organizations are being removed from college campuses because their leadership positions are filled with Christians. Groups are now being forced to sign anti-discrimination statements at several universities allowing any student - regardless of their religious background or affiliation - to be a leader of a Christian organization.
  • Jeremy Lin Interview on Huffington Post

    Jeremy Lin: Leaving Knicks Was a Surprise, but God Has a Perfect Plan

    Jeremy Lin interviewed with HuffPost Live Tuesday about his role with the Houston Rockets, and also touched on how leaving New York had been a bit of a surprise to him. The NBA guard isn’t bitter about being let go, however, and has faith that God is sovereignly guiding his life for good - “I would just say I think God has a perfect plan for me, and I ended up in Houston,” Lin says.
  • Duck Dynasty

    ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 6 Premiere Live Stream: Watch A&E Online Free Tonight

    A new season of “Duck Dynasty” will premiere this Wednesday on A&E. Season Six promises to include classic Robertson family antics, and patriarch Phil will devote a large portion of his time to eliminating beavers from the family’s land in the first episode. John Luke will also get some public speaking tips from Wille and Uncle Si, and Jase and Missy’s oldest son Reed will graduate from high school. Miss Kay will endeavor to take up couponing, and will attempt to involve a reluctant Phil in picking out her outfit for a special guest appearance.
  • Joel Osteen 'Night of Hope' New York Yankee Stadium

    Joel Osteen's ‘Night of Hope’ Sells Out Yankee Stadium

    Joel Osteen preached to over 50,000 attendees in New York City during this Saturday’s “A Night of Hope with Joel and Victoria,” selling out the legendary Yankee Stadium. The pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, interviewed with Fox News before the event took place.
  • Duck Dynasty Bible

    'Duck Dynasty's Phil and Alan Robertson to Release 'Duck Commander' Bible

    Thomas Nelson and members of the “Duck Dynasty” family have teamed up to create a unique Bible that focuses on faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness, and freedom. “The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible” bears the theme of the Robertson’s Duck Commander business, and will be based on the New King James Version of God’s word.
  • Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow Hired by ESPN as SEC Analyst, Has Hopes to Return to NFL

    Tim Tebow was recently hired to co-host “SEC Nation,” a joint ESPN-SEC network which is scheduled to air on Saturdays beginning in August. Tebow, who has not played in a regular NFL season since 2012, is still hopeful that he will be signed as a quarterback in the future. "I'm training every day and feel like I'm the best that I've ever been," he told The Tennessean recently.
  • Flight MH370 search by U.S. Navy Bluefin-21

    MH370 Update: Pings Heard in Indian Ocean Did Not Result in Finding Missing Malaysian Plane, Search Area Expands

    Australian officials confirm that the Boeing 777 which disappeared on its way to Beijing in early March with 239 passengers and crew on board has not been found by their extensive search efforts in the Indian Ocean. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had been tracked by satellite to the southern Indian Ocean, and pings which might have come from the plane’s black boxes were heard off the western coast of Australia in early April.
  • Mark Driscoll

    Pastor Mark Driscoll Admits to Manipulating Book Sales, Quits Social Media

    Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll says he regrets hiring a marketing company to buy copies of a book he released in 2012 in an attempt to help it make the New York Times’ best sellers list. He has also decided to step away from social media altogether for the remainder of the year in order to refocus his attention on Christ, his family, and on pastoring his church.
  • Memorial Day 2014

    Memorial Day 2014: History, Celebrations and Christian Remembrance of American Patriots

    Americans will celebrate Memorial Day on May 26. The federal holiday has its roots in the American Civil War era, and honors the more than one million men and women who have died while serving our country. Those who have sacrificed their lives in the United States Armed Forces to protect American liberty are remembered with gratitude by displays of patriotism around the nation.
  • BPAA Online

    Are Abortion Clinics Targeting Black Americans and Their Babies?

    Some believe that abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood specifically target minority communities – most notably African American and Hispanics – for their clientele. LifeSiteNews reports that while African Americans make up roughly 13% of the population in the United States, they have about one-third of all abortions. Tragically, one in four children in the Black community have been aborted since the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.
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