Reporter : Michelle Vu
  • Bush Sees Hope for Iraq's Future

    President Bush expressed optimism over sectarian reconciliation in Iraq during his surprise visit to the Middle East country on Monday.
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    Freed Korean Hostages Head Home

    The 19 Korean Christian hostages who had been separated and moved around by their Taliban captors in Afghanistan after their abduction six weeks ago were finally reunited Friday following their release this week and began making their trip back to South Korea.
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    All 19 Korean Hostages Released

    The final three South Korean hostages have been released, bringing the total to seven the number of those freed on Thursday and what looks to be an end to the six-week hostage drama that made headlines around the world.
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    Release of Korean Hostages Sparks Debate

    As the Korean hostage drama nears an end, debate over evangelism and questions about terrorism have re-emerged from the sidelines, promising to occupy attention long after the Korean hostage story fades out of the headlines.
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    12 Korean Hostages Released by Taliban

    The Taliban released four more South Korean hostages Wednesday following the release of eight earlier in the day, bringing the militant group only seven away from fulfilling its promise to release all its captives.
  • China Intensifies Crackdown on Church Activities

    China has witnessed an increase in the number of “illegal” Christian groups who have been arrested across the country after a crackdown ordered by the Chinese government last month, reported a Chinese persecution watch group on Friday.
  • S. Korean Hostages Said to be Healthy

    The remaining 19 Korean aid volunteers held hostage in Afghanistan are reportedly in good health, reporters were told Friday by an Afghan doctor who is in regular contact with a senior Taliban commander.
  • Is Calling the Christian God 'Allah' Wrong?

    One of America’s pre-eminent evangelicals is challenging the advice of a retiring Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands who has raised eyebrows worldwide by suggesting Dutch Christians pray to “Allah.”
  • Aid Finally Reaches Peru Quake Victims

    Damaged highways, towns in rubbles and thousands of hungry survivors was the scene Friday morning when aid finally reached the disaster zone in Peru.
  • Taliban: Hostage Negotiations Have Failed

    A Taliban spokesman said Saturday that face-to-face negotiations with the South Korean delegation over the fate of 19 kidnapped aid volunteers have failed and future talks are unlikely.
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    No New Breakthrough Yet for Hostage Crisis

    No word of a breakthrough was heard after Thursday’s face-to-face talks between Taliban militants and South Korean officials over the fate of 19 church volunteers who are still being held hostage.
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    Evangelical Leader Unveils Plans for Iraq Alliance

    The World Evangelical Alliance is in the process of setting up an evangelical network in Iraq in an effort to offer spiritual and physical support to Iraqi Christians by uniting them with the global body of evangelicals.
  • Taliban: No More Hostage Killing for Now

    The Taliban said Friday that it will not kill any of the remaining 21 South Korean hostages before its face-to-face meetings with the delegation from the East Asian country.
  • Karzai Publicly Shames Taliban for Kidnapping Women

    Afghan president Hamid Karzai is attempting to shame Taliban militants into releasing the South Korean women they kidnapped by stating that the rebels’ action is unprecedented in Afghan history and would bring shame upon the country.
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