Reporter : Young Kim
  • Jeremy Lin Asia Trip

    Jeremy Lin Back on Track, Achieve Career First Triple-Double Stats (Video)

    With the NBA trade deadline looming, rumors have been floating around about the Houston Rockets possibly trading Jeremy Lin. One source states the possibility of Lin being traded to the Toronto Raptors alongside Omer Asik for Kyle Lowry. However, with the Rockets struggling to keep their core players healthy, one writer pointed out that the Rockets' issue is not the point guard position, but chemistry.
  • Flappy Bird

    'Flappy Bird' Is the Word: 'A Genuine Viral Phenomenon'

    Recently birds have been invading smartphones across the country, but they aren't angry, just flappy. Flappy Bird, the latest mobile phone game developed by .Gear, an independent gaming company based in Hanoi, Vietnam has been the No. 1 most downloaded app on the iOS and Google Play in 102 countries- a first for an indie developer.
  • Gun Violence Victim Children

    New Study: 20 Kids Sent to Hospital Each Day for Gun-Related Injuries

    It has been 13 months since the Sandy Hook tragedy shocked the United States, and the nation has not felt safe since that incident. The fact that there have been 30 more school shootings after Sandy Hook has not helped assure people that their children are safe. What's more appalling is that these school shootings contribute a small percentage of the number of youth hurt or killed by firearms each year.
  • Toy Petal Car and Pirates-themed Hospitals

    Hospitals Set Anchor on Pirate-Themed Decoration and Progress with Toy Pedal Cars

    A trip to the doctors is never fun for the kids. The anxiety of not knowing whether they will be prescribed to medication or be given the needle makes the hospital one of the top ten scary places in everyone's list. But hospitals across the world are figuring out ways to make children feel at ease once they step foot in the lab. Such unconventional methods include pedal cars to transport children to the operating room and a Pirate-Themed CT scan room.
  • NapkinNotesDad

    White Sheets of Love: Father Sends His Daughter a Message Through Napkins

    What would you do for your kids if you had less than five years to live? What big plan do you have to show your family how much you love them? Hopefully it doesn't involve anything close to what Walter White did in Breaking Bad. Garth Callaghan, 44, would tell you that committing yourself to the little things would leave a big impact on someone's life, little things like writing inspiring notes on a napkin and leaving them in your daughter's lunchbox every school day.
  • Macintosh Turns 30 Steve Jobs

    Macintosh Apple Computer Turns 30

    Yesterday marked the 30 year anniversary of Apple's Macintosh, the revolutionary personal computer that revived Apple's relevance in the computer market and solidified the company's reputation.
  • Justin Bieber Mug Shot

    Justin Bieber's Mugshot: Arrest Sparks Celebrities Reactions on Twitter

    Justin Bieber unavoidably became the hottest topic of Twitter following his DUI arrest and the release of his mugshot on Thursday. The pop star was arrested outside a residential area in Miami Beach for driving his yellow Lamborghini 55 to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. Police reports state that Bieber tried to resist arrest and had bloodshot eyes along with odor that reeked of alcohol.
  • Nick Vujicic

    Life Without Limbs Founder Nick Vujicic and Sister Michelle Brings Gospel to Macau and Hong Kong (Video)

    On Tuesday, Life Without Limbs, a ministry started by Nick Vujicic, released a new episode of "The Nick Vujicic World Outreach" web series through Youtube, which highlights his visit to Macau and Hong Kong. The video highlights Vujicic speaking in front of thousands of people at four different venues, sharing his testimony and his Christian faith to the people of Macau and Hong Kong. However, unlike the previous trips, Nick Vujicic and his team approached these speaking engagements with a different angle.
  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett Brings the “Madness” on March

    Warren Buffett, who ranks 4th on Forbes list of top billionaires, announced on January 21 that he, together with his company Berkshire Hathaway, will be partnering with Quicken Loans, owned by fellow billionaire Dan Gilbert (also the owner of the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers), to host the ‘Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket.’
  • Super Bowl XLVIII Poor Weather Metlife Stadium

    Poor Weather Glooms Over Super Bowl XLVIII (or Snowbowl III)

    The stage has been set for Super Bowl XLVIII. The no. 1 defense in the league (Seattle Seahawks) will be facing off against the no. 1 offense in the league (Denver Broncos). Fans will be flocking around their television sets on Feb. 2 to see whether the Seahawks will win their first Super Bowl title or if Peyton Manning will cement his legacy with his second ring. But will fans flock to New Jersey's MetLife Stadium where the Super Bowl will be held?
  • Russia Sochi Olympics Security Concerns

    Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Russia Assures Safety at Upcoming Games

    Concerns have been raised regarding the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics after a militant group in Dagestan posted up a video on Sunday, warning of a "surprise package," but Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that his country has stepped up in security and is ready to handle any threat.
  • Syria's President Assad

    Syria: Assad Regime Accused of 'Systemic' Torture and Killings of 11,000 Detainees

    A team of three renowned war crime prosecutors and three forensics experts claim to have found evidence to prove Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad guilty of "systematic torture and killing" of 11,000 detainees, according to a 31-page report by the lawyers on the team. Their report, based on more than 27,000 photographs from a source named "Caesar" will be brought up to the international criminal tribunal, the group says.
  • Richard Sherman

    Richard Sherman Apologizes, Explains His Actions on Sports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated published an essay written by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Monday which features a detailed explanation about Sherman's feelings about his postgame rant following his team's Sunday night NFC Championship victory. Sherman wrote that San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree pushed Sherman's face after Sherman patted his back and offered to shake his hand following the final play of the game. This led to his outburst during a postgame interview with Fox Sports Erin Andrews.