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  • NES Classic Edition

    NES Classic Edition In Stock at Target, GameStop, Best Buy

    Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console has been selling so well. However, the company seemed to be unprepared of the demand for their new product. There are still a number of people who are yet to purchase the mini NES. It does not help that most retailers have run out of stock. The NES Classic Edition is bought as soon as it hit the shelves. Fortunately, Target, GameStop, and Best Buy are restocking though limited quantities are available.
  • NES Classic Edition

    Where to Buy NES Classic Edition: Best Buy, Target, Amazon

    A number of people are still scrambling to get a hold of the Nintendo's NES Classic Edition console. It is still a few days before Christmas and purchasing one seems to be elusive for some. However, last-minute shoppers will have another chance to buy the in-demand mini NES at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.
  • Will a robot take your job?

    Why You Might Lose Your Job in 2017 (Hint: Technology Is to Blame)

    Things have gone awry for the 40-hour-per-week employed pool since the dawn of the "gig" and self-employment industry. From taxi, plumbers, teachers, delivery guys, to baby sitters, technological trends have made it possible for people to hire them on the go. And with the staggering advancement foreseen for 2017, it is more than likely that people may lose their jobs to robots, as some analysts suggest.
  • Apple Logo -- 801 West North Avenue Chicago (IL) 2015

    Apple Follows Ireland Lead To Appeal EU's Ruling That Demands $14 Billion In Tax

    Ireland’s Minister for Finance Michael Noonan revealed back on November that the country plans to file an appeal to the European Court of Justice. Now, the Irish Department of Finance has announced that it will indeed appeal the European Union’s ruling that demands Apple to pay $14 billion in taxes to Ireland. A senior executive for Apple disclosed that the tech company will also appeal this week.
  • Facebook app

    Fake News Causes Confusion About Facts For Many Americans, New Pew Survey Shows

    The issue with fake news has never become more evident after the 2016 US Presidential Election. Almost a month since Donald Trump was elected as the next US President, Pew Research Center conducted a survey among Americans regarding fake news. Apparently, many of them said that fabricated news stories have caused them confusion over facts.
  • Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2016

    There are many available market that caters to the needs and wants of women. Still, the presents that most of the women receive get piled in the unused items that are not needed. This holiday season retail and online stores offer a variety of special bundles and sale items that your lady friend secretly want to have.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 2016

    Beat the holiday rush at retail and online stores by purchasing Christmas gift items to give as presents to that special guy friend as early as today. Most of the in demand items that are often offered sale and in bundle are now disappearing fast in stores. Several online stores are offering unique and personalized gift items for men, like golf sets and mini whiskey barrels. Others offer the best sports experiences that men would love to try, like maneuvering a helicopter on ragged cliffs.
  • Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Husband, Father-in-Law, Son, Boyfriend

    The typical Christmas gift ideas for husband, father-in-law, son, or boyfriend are known to be tech gadgets, sports gears, and car stuff. Aside from looking into these categories, there are a ton of exceptional things available for them in the market that are offered with the best rates and prices. Be unique with this holiday present to show appreciation for them this past year.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife, Mother-in-Law, Daughter, Girlfriend

    Christmas is just around the corner and seeing the smiles from the women of our life upon receiving their gifts is present in itself for the ones who give them. Putting so much thought in deciding what to give for our wife, mother-in-law, daughter, and girlfriend can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, most of the branded names and products that they love are on sale for the Christmas season.
  • Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

    Elon Musk Added as a Strategic Adviser to Trump's Economic Forum

    The Silicon Valley is known to have been critical of President-elect Donald Trump. Many were anxious when news broke out last week that the Trump transition team had invited some of America’s prominent tech leaders in a summit. But before the meeting even started it was already announced that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been added to Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.
  • Yahoo logo

    Yahoo Hacked Again, Over 1 Billion User Accounts Breached, Here's What You Should Do

    Yahoo seems to have a problem with its cyber security. The tech company falls victim to another massive data breach. Over 1 billion Yahoo accounts have been hacked. The announcement comes months after it was reported that around 500 million user accounts were illegally accessed. The latest news puts Yahoo as the holder of the two largest data breach.
  • Quest Diagnostics, Cambridge

    Quest Diagnostics Revealed Around 34,000 Of Personal Health Data Hacked

    The recent news of possible Russian hackers’ interference during the US Presidential Election is overshadowing an actual hack on one of Quest Diagnostics’ internet application. The breached network affected around 34,000 personal health data. The lab company announced that it is currently investigating the said unauthorized third-party intrusion.
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